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What are your expectations for this Holiday Season? Are they to be happy?

Lately, I’ve been discussing a lot about our expectations and how they can influence our patterns and how we interpret what is happening in our world. As we move into the Holiday Season, some of us become depressed and forget the magic that exists all around us. I thought I would like to take this […]

Gratitude ~ Can you be Grateful for what you don’t want?

What is gratitude? I just finished listening to Abraham-Hicks video on YouTube ( and although I don’t particularly agree with their view that The Law of Attraction is the only law that governs our lives, they made a couple of interesting points I’d like to discuss. The first point is to ask yourself, can you […]

The Rules of the Game

Recently, I’ve had a series of shows with Tom Campbell on consciousness. During our last 2 shows (please see his page) he has said some things that I believed to be quite profound. To understand his analogy think about a computer game like Sims or World of Warcraft where our consciousness is the person who […]

The Stories we Weave

This is one of the most important topics to date. Many people talk about changing our stories, yet, what are these stories. They are what we tell ourselves when something happens that we feel is personal. Like I’m stupid, I’m always abandoned, I’m sad, unhappy, and lonely… you get the idea (story). Our initial reaction […]

What I learned in a year and a half of Frozen Shoulders

I’ve learned a lot in past year and a half. It started slightly earlier when I discovered that I had heavy metal poisoning. Searching for the cause became the catalyst to an intense period of learning about myself. First I began noticing all of the symptoms and effects like: weight gain, lethargy/exhaustion, itchy skin, Candida, […]

Present, Grounded and Balanced

During these interesting times, I find it increasingly important to be Present. Practicing mindfulness and being in the moment is always a great morning exercise to ensure you are ready to set your intentions for the day. Echkart Tolle suggests that you practice being present by becoming aware of your body and its responses or […]


This has been a fascinating month! I have learned and discovered some powerful processes. My focus has been on “when the Law of Attraction doesn’t work” for some time. This past month I figured out a huge piece of why this Law doesn’t always work for everybody. The LOA puts the focus on “doing” everything […]

Empowered Choices

I believe I have understood a huge piece of the puzzle this past couple weeks. I’ve understood how when it comes to relationships, it is never about the other person (which at the time was a huge learning for me). This past month when something occurred that triggered my feelings of victimhood I was able […]

Spring into New Beginnings

I always get excited as we move into Spring. Even though we have had snow this week, I feel change in the air! I feel more empowered and ready to start some new things or to follow through on the goals that I know are for my highest and best interest.

I Love

I love, because my love is not dependent on the object of love. My love is dependent on my state of being. So whether the other person changes, becomes different, friend turns into a foe, does not matter, because my love was never dependent on the other person. My love is my state of being. […]

2013 Year of Transcending

In coming to the completion of 2012 (a year that felt more like a survival year), I realized I want to do more than survive! I want to transcend the karma and core wounds I am coming to love and accept within myself.

Holiday Relationships

We are coming into the Holiday season, one that has so much promise and is full of expectations, good and bad. Some may even feel the excitement of possibilities that they haven’t felt in so long. One thing I hear most often that continues to be expressed around the Holidays is about our dysfunctional relationships.

BEing vs Doing

I’ve been doing a lot of contemplation on being versus doing. We all know how to do. Typically we do things when we are unhappy or we “want” something. This is almost always from a place of ego and it is from a place outside of us. It comes as a response to when we […]


I thought the 2nd half of 2012 was going to be easier, but this past month has proven that we seem to be escalating once again and transformation is the key word for where we are heading this fall and into the end of the year. It seems that everyone I have been speaking with […]

Motivation and Resistance

Lately, my focus has been on “When the Law of Attraction (LOA) Doesn’t Work”, so much so that I am considering writing a book on it. On my journey I continue to encounter resistance to change and it leads me to understand my motivation to create. Often we are trying to create something outside ourselves that […]

When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

The biggest part of my journey has been to understand my own growth and spiritual evolution. Like many of us, I have been hearing about the Law of Attraction (LOA) for almost 20 years, through sources like Abraham Hicks, then the movie The Secret. This has been an empowering and exciting part of this journey. However, […]

Pain a Divine Purpose

I’ve come to have a new appreciation of pain in the past few months. Chronic Pain is debilitating, but I never understood how it can infiltrate every area of your life. Physical pain impacts your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When we are stuck in our emotional pain/trauma it can impact every area as well.

Participation or Victim

Lately, due to some work I’ve been doing, I discovered something profound. It is highlighted in the Movie “The Lorax” and I’m beginning to grasp its significance in all our lives. We feel the need to be victims, consciously and unconsciously. Because the alternative is Being responsible for not only our own lives, but that of […]

Change & New Beginnings: Love or Fear

As we come to the end of the “Winter that wasn’t”… and approach spring, it always makes me think of New Beginnings and Changes. We all seem to want them and are inspired to imagine creating them; however, if we are on the road to authenticity and desire to come from a place of the Heart […]

What is Love

What is love? As we move into the Month of Love and Valentine’s Day, we usually think about romantic relationships and we dream of creating our “Happily Ever After”.

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