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News for the Heart: Tom Campbell: Amazing Art of FUN



Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive Counseling Intuitive Counseling uses a variety of skills and services to create your Intuitive Soul Session. The role of Intuitive Soul and my role as a counselor is for you to become more aware and conscious of the choices, actions and decisions you make each day. This enables you to have a conscious intent […]

Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing What limiting beliefs, habits and stories do you have? Our stories center around our relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers and/or bosses. We hold certain stuck emotions from our childhood that limit us from creating the life we desire, and keep us in our “head”, choosing fear over our hearts and love. Plus most […]


Meditation After a short on-line consultation, I can design a special inspirational CD and a guided meditation/ relaxation CD made specifically for you that will be mailed. One is for inspiration that you can listen to any time, the other one puts you into a light trance, so you can listen to it while relaxing […]