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Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive Counseling uses a variety of skills and services to create your Intuitive Soul Session. The role of Intuitive Soul and my role as a counselor is for you to become more aware and conscious of the choices, actions and decisions you make each day. This enables you to have a conscious intent to create an expression of your Highest Vision. I use my empathic, intuitive counseling skills to guide you towards your Highest Vision and to empower you to create conscious expressions of Love, Joy and Compassion.


As an Empath, I connect with your feelings, thoughts, fears, beliefs and your souls wish, where I can facilitate you to become more aware of your choices so they can come from a place of love instead of fear. This gives you the courage to let go of the Pain, Struggle and Fears that are prohibiting your from expressing your best possible reality. But we all have infinite choices, and as an empowered Being, you will always make the best choice for you, right now.


Your session will help you to discover your Highest Vision and I will hold this space for you, assist you to develop your Intuition and work with you to overcome your obstacles so you can create and attract your Ideal Life. Intuitive Soul offers a variety of adept readings designed to provide you with insights, advice and predictions related to specific subject areas; including finding love, enhancing relationships, work, money, household issues and more.


What does being an Empath mean? We all can develop empathy for someone. And in social work we are taught the skill of empathy. However, typically we feel someones pain through our own experience. Example, when a friend goes through a divorce, we have all had some experience of this. And this experience is how we perceive what they are going through. Either through our own experience, our parents or someone we knew personally we based our perceptions of divorce from this experience. This is the same in most areas. We view someones experience and feel someones experience through our own perceptions and beliefs of our experience.


As an empath, or clairsentient I feel your experience, and can experience when you are holding back and have blocks to releasing their pain. As an empath, I may relate to your experience and offer my own experience to assist you, but I am not clouded by my perceptions from my experiences only. To add to this, claircognizance allows me to experience the alignment of “knowing” what may be occurring in a session, to assist you to realize how to Master a Path to your Heart. It is through the heart that we can know ourselves and our brilliance.

What is Intuitive Counseling

Developing Intuition

Morning Prayer/Healing

Relationship Advice

Quan Yin Channelings