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The Beauty to BE Love

What is the Beauty to BE Love? Every year February is LOVE Month at Intuitive Soul. The theme of Love Month 2024 is to BE Love. The Beauty is that Love is what we all strive for. February typically depicts romantic love. And we all want to BE Loved. So let’s look at where we […]

A Year of Peace & Revelations: Powerful Intentions

As 2023 winds down the energies of 2024 BEcome revealed. This is a Year of Peace and Revelations. We will learn a great deal this coming year: we will learn of the secrets that have been hidden behind Greed and Power. For many it may be quite a shock. However, the Year will be harmonious […]

The Gift of Christmas Magic

Every year I discuss Christmas Magic. Magic is the energy that I remember as a child. It has continued to grow within me. In fact, I make an effort to Embrace and Enhance this energy not only during the Holiday Season, but also throughout the year. In my latest discussion and show with Tracy McBurney […]

What Choices make Powerful Moments?

When we think about it, we make choices every moment of the day. We don’t always feel they are choices. None the less, we make them. Do they make our moments loving – or fearful? Do they make our moments positive or negative? Are they Powerful choices or are they poor, ineffective choices? Are we […]

JOYfully Create Your Powerful Abundance Tools by BEing Clear

How can we Create Abundance JOYfully? As we approached the Summer Holidays I wrote a Blog on A Powerful Summer of FUN with Abundance. This began a series of events that Empowered me to have FUN and Play with Abundance. What I forgot to review was a tricky astrological event with Venus going Retrograde (July […]

Did Your Imagination Sparkle this Summer?

I know my Imagination Sparkled with the Barbie phenomenon especially after I first saw the trailer and I was less than impressed. And, I honestly wanted to hate it. I couldn’t understand why Ryan Gosling would choose to play Ken – until the reviews started coming in and some of the people I admired were […]

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