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JOYfully Create Your Powerful Abundance Tools by BEing Clear

How can we Create Abundance JOYfully? As we approached the Summer Holidays I wrote a Blog on A Powerful Summer of FUN with Abundance. This began a series of events that Empowered me to have FUN and Play with Abundance. What I forgot to review was a tricky astrological event with Venus going Retrograde (July […]

Did Your Imagination Sparkle this Summer?

I know my Imagination Sparkled with the Barbie phenomenon especially after I first saw the trailer and I was less than impressed. And, I honestly wanted to hate it. I couldn’t understand why Ryan Gosling would choose to play Ken – until the reviews started coming in and some of the people I admired were […]

A Powerful Summer of FUN with Abundance

As my summer Blog I am choosing something slightly different this month: I am going to explore how to have “FUN with Abundance” this summer. If you have been following my Blogs and shows lately then you will know that I have been EnJOYing discussions about Abundance and FUN. Both Tracy and Tom’s latest shows […]

The Infinite Heart Raises Consciousness

What is an Infinite Heart, you ask? That is a great question. Recently, during an interview with Tracy McBurney, we started with a show on Anxiety. As we progressed through the show, as a healing example, we looked at my anxiety. What we discovered is that my Heart now feels its connection with the Infinite […]

Love is an Action and Unconditional

I contemplated what I wanted to write on March 23rd, as this was the first day Pluto has entered Aquarius since 1778. As an Aquarian, I welcome this auspicious event and look forward to Creating some Magic. The day prior I was gifted a set of cards, “Magdalene Manifestation Cards: Create Abundance through Love” (will […]

Creating the Magic of the Age of Aquarius

As a young child, and yes I am dating myself here, I remember my brothers’ 8-track of the Broadway Musical, “Hair”, and my dreaming of the Age of Aquarius or at the very least singing about it. To dream of a New Age of peace and love that would finally take us beyond the current […]

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