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Feel The Miracle Of LOVE When Letting Go

Feeling The Miracle Of LOVE When Letting Go is quite the journey. Where the answer lies to the question “how does one feel the Miracle of LOVE?”: it is in Letting Go. Many people confuse Letting Go with Giving Up. These are very different energies. We will explore the differences within this Blog.

Let’s begin with my definitions of: Giving Up, Being Overwhelmed, Being Powerless, and Letting Go.

Giving Up:  When I think of Giving Up I think of Shutting Down. I think of people losing Hope and BEcoming Depressed. The definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is ‘to cease doing or attempting something especially as an admission of defeat’. Giving up is similar to sacrificing or abandoning the situation. When we think the only option is to Give Up we lose hope and feel defeated. This doesn’t allow for any positive flow or moving forward. We don’t see any viable options. It makes us de-evolve towards fear. And once we de-evolve to fear we become depressed. Everything seems unbearable.

And once we become depressed it, the positive flow or the sense of moving forward, has nowhere to go but backwards. We get stuck and can’t move forward without some intervention. When it comes to Love, Giving Up has no place. Giving up is all about FEAR.

Being Overwhelmed:  In the current state of our world many of us become overwhelmed. It seems to be almost the natural state of our BEing in a world that appears to not have enough hours in the day. Giving up often leads to BEcoming depressed and once this occurs we become overwhelmed. There seems to be no way out, no way forward. Sometimes it happens the other way around. What is the egg or the chicken? It is to feel completely overcome or overpowered by thought or feeling.

In our current day to day lives we are often in our heads – with a torrent of thoughts that are catastrophic. We can’t seem to stop seeing the absolute worst outcome. If we are ‘feeling’ people we can be overwhelmed by feelings, whether our own or others. However, we often shut down feelings by distracting ourselves. This isn’t as easy with our thoughts – unless we can master meditation. Our minds are busy places. We try too hard to be ‘super-moms’ or ‘super-dads’ and do it all. Child-rearing, cooking, laundry, working … this list of possible (and distracting) activities is long. When do we have time for ourselves?

Being Powerless: This is the ‘victim’ mentality that is so prevalent in our society today. We encourage support groups that not only do NOT support one another but also enable us to feel victimized. When we feel we are a victim, we often react out of fear and in hopes to control the world we live in.

Powerlessness is the word that has come to establish an anchor of pain. We often try to control it – until we realize that we have no power to control anything. When we react from a place of pain or fear, we begin to fall victim to the world around us. We see everyone and everything as a force against us. No one understands us, no one loves us, and no one will help us. We dive into catastrophic beliefs where there is nothing – or no one – that can BE with us or support us. The world is bleak and full of pain.

When we are a victim we see everyone else – and everything else – as the aggressor or victor over us. Powerlessness makes us full of fear and pain. We become aggressive and can’t see the LOVE around us.

Letting Go: Letting Go is to relax or release one’s hold on what is blocking us. This is mostly about our fears.

To me, Letting GO is so much more. Letting Go is a form of LOVE. Letting Go suggests we forgive (not necessarily forget) and free our Soul from the fears that keep us stagnant.

From the definitions of all the fear above we can see the spiraling pattern that keeps us from achieving – and even Dreaming of – a better outcome. It holds us in a pattern of hopelessness and victim mentality. Fear blocks our Dreams from happening. We may be able to imagine a better world, imagine LOVE and JOY – even temporarily while under the crushing nature of ‘Fear’. However, when we are Giving Up, lost in Overwhelm and feeling Powerless we can’t hold the vibration of LOVE long enough to ascend and Grow Up.

Letting Go is powerful. It recognizes that we have the ability to respond to our world from a place of mindfulness and clarity. Letting go is intentional. It is acknowledging our responsibility to Accept that things happen. And to accept that we aren’t in control. We can, however, be in Charge of how we show up in the World. We can choose how we want to accept, respond, and choose our Intentions – instead of holding onto our fears. Letting Go awards us the opportunity to BE authentically who we are without fears. Without fears we have the choice to choose LOVE.

Have you ever felt the energy of Giving Up, Overwhelm and Powerlessness? Now imagine taking a deep breath and surrendering all your fears to the Universe, God, Goddess, or even Mother Earth! To know that there is a higher power that can transmute our fears is both empowering and Awe-inspiring. Our fears don’t actually serve us. Not only that but fears hold us in patterns, trigger our pain, and stop us from BEing all that we can BE. Fears hurt others, hurt ourselves and block us from feeling the LOVE that surrounds us.

Fear stops us from all the Dreams we have ever imagined. Sure, we can create and manifest some dreams. There are a lot of examples of manifesting when we don’t have a strong attachment to them. Sometimes there are areas in our lives where we have full confidence in our strengths. However, if there is something we desperately want? The ‘desperation’ suggests we have an attachment to it. Desperation triggers the fears within.

Letting Go of ‘attachments’ is difficult – unless we identify the fears related to those attachments and overcome the reaction these fears might hold on us.

We are here, at this time, because we have fears. We chose to evolve our core fears and this is why they can be so sticky. Our Evolution requires us to Grow Up – and it is the essence of why we are here. It is our Purpose for BEing here at this time: to Grow Up.

The World is full of triggers and reactions. In fact, the media plays on our fears by creating sensationalism. Sensationalism makes people feel. We can observe all the drama and it creates more fear and makes us continue to watch. It creates the numbers so that News stations can get commercials and, thereby, funding. News is more about money from advertising revenue than about what is called “news”.

If we don’t want to fall under the guise of created fear through propaganda then we need to BE Empowered enough to STOP watching the news, news feeds, Social Media, and all forms of ‘Entertainment’. I am not saying that you should close down your Social Media accounts, nor am I saying all Entertainment is fear based. Use your discretion. Just don’t get caught up spiraling down the Rabbit Hole by scrolling for trolls or worst: encouraging or discouraging them. People with fear often have more hyper Egos. Giving either negative or positive energy to those who troll feeds to make themselves look better just adds to the problems of our current state of the world.

Find a way to LET GO. Accept that we are all flawed Beings looking for LOVE. BE Mindful of what energy you are giving off. If this energy is anything other than LOVE then BE Conscious that you are holding fear. BE Conscious that we all came here to Evolve towards LOVE. We don’t have to KNOW why we have these fears, that, in itself, can distract us from Letting them Go. Accept where you are. Empower yourself by shifting your attention onto your fears with the intention to surrender them.

Focus on LOVE. Share, Encourage, and Foster LOVE from within you and outside of you. Don’t worry about what fears are holding you from attaining your Dreams. Just BE aware of them and then choose a different expression of LOVE unfolding. LOVE IS. There are many things LOVE isn’t. And all of us know what LOVE feels like. If you are having a problem remembering: go to a playground and hear the children’s laughter. Or open your Hearts to the Unconditional LOVE of a pet. Play music. Meditate. Take a walk in nature. BE!

We are all here Growing and Evolving towards LOVE. SHARE Positive Energy. BE Kind and Compassionate with others. Encourage others. Change occurs one person at a time. Start with YOU! Happy Spring ❤️

If you would like more information to expand deeper into Letting GO, Tom Campbell and I did our montly show on From Giving Up to BEing Powerful.