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The Gift of Christmas Magic

Every year I discuss Christmas Magic. Magic is the energy that I remember as a child. It has continued to grow within me. In fact, I make an effort to Embrace and Enhance this energy not only during the Holiday Season, but also throughout the year.

In my latest discussion and show with Tracy McBurney this month I shared my obsession with David’s Tea, specifically Santa’s Secret Tea. As shared in our talk, to me, Santa’s Secret Tea is like a cup of Magic. It is a morning ritual in which I can relax in the soothing embrace and warmth of this compelling black tea with vanilla and mint as well as tiny candy canes! I take my time to EnJOY the fragrance of this magical concoction. And what a pleasure it is to sip the Magic.

What is Magic? To me, Magic is a feeling. It is to Embody the Wonderful, the Enhancing Beauty that exists all around us. It isn’t paranormal per se. We don’t have to be a witch or a wizard or a conjurer or an illusionist. No. We just can be ourselves and soak in that expansive feeling of knowing that all is working out: THAT is the expansive and fullness of JOY that Magic is to me.

Do you remember that feeling when you wake up Christmas morning, (if Christmas is your cultural practice) or your birthday… or any day with a highly anticipated event? When you awaken in that day you feel the anticipation and that the day is filled with more possibilities? It is the Hope or JOY that accompanies our anticipation for what may come. Do you remember that?

Sure, our Dreams may not have been fully met. And yes, we have all experienced the disappointment of not receiving what we had hoped for in such anticipated events. That sense of disappointment often contributes to our loss of innocence … but that is a discussion for another day.

What I am referring to is that Excitement of Possibilities. That is the Potential. And Potential that exists is more powerful than the actuality of what is. It is within the Potential that Magic can occur. The moment before we open our gifts or stocking – they are full of Imagination and Possibility. Yes. Full of Potential!

What I want to offer in my article today is that Magic is all around us and we have the opportunity to develop that sense of Pure JOY, soaking in the Potential. For me it is the similar to that feeling when I connect with the Spark of Source that exists within all of us. Full of Potential. Full of Magic!

This Holiday Season I suggest exploring your Dreams. What is most important to you?

This year has been a challenging year for many. Some have never fully recovered from the COVID experience. So this year my focus has wavered about what I want to do with my career. The Magic hasn’t always been apparent as it usually was prior to when the World stopped for COVID. And as someone who Believes in BEing more than Doing, I waited to see what was going to happen. This week, while business has been picking up, I also received another gift. There is the Possibility of a group of five MBA students who will be working on marketing my business for the New Year. Imagine the Magic that could occur! Imagine the Potential!

That is the MAGIC. I would have never imagined a group of post graduates working with me to create something bigger than I have. (Even better than I was originally told or imagined, I have 7 MBA graduate students who will be working with me come January 2024.) Especially for Free! However, I did ask the Universe to Show Me the Way. I asked to BE Guided towards my Full Potential. Then I Let GO of expectation and control.

We are immensely Powerful Beings who have Opportunities and Possibilities that exist all around us. The only thing that blocks us are ourselves. Our Fears prohibit us from moving forward in the way we would like. Our Beliefs, our Stories, our patterns and our behaviors – all are already anchored by the age of 7.

We are NOT physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually mature by the age of 7 yet our brain has established these patterns to save time as we experience this world – and hopefully learn from our experiences. Our brain is like a powerful computer and we often are stuck with these “computer-generated Stories from a seven year old perspective on the patterns we see until we BEcome more Conscious.

Our Greatest Gift is the Power of Imagination. “If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it” Quote by what William Arthur Ward. Can you Open yourself to Imagine something Beautiful? Are you able to Imagine something with your Heart? Can you Build Excitement and Fervor? And then … just Let it GO?

Many of us are stuck because we can’t imagine or dream – or, for that matter, we have forgotten what Magic feels like. Some of us are very mentally or physically motivated – and not feeling motivated. The Power to Feel is quite often beaten out of us. We have been made to believe that how we feel isn’t important. Yet, to Remember Magic, we must remember the Feeling of Magic: how we felt when our World was filled with endless possibilities, endless Potential.

Our Hearts are motivated by LOVE. It is through our Heart we want to Feel into the World. Our Heart is our Connection with Source. Within our Heart is the Power of Universes. To BEcome Heart Centered and to Lead with our Hearts has BEcome my mantra. Letting Go of the necessity of ruminating through every experience we have is overwhelming and exhausting. While also being extremely limiting.

So let’s Take a Moment, close our eyes and Breathe! That is the guidance I use for myself and for anyone who is able. Focus your attention on your Heart. Become Mindful. Use all your senses. And try to FEEL what is happening within your Heart. Feel what is happening within your Connection to Source. Is it Expansive? Can you see, hear, taste, smell and FEEL it? Or is it the Quiet Comfort of Home? Find your connection. Bring more Light into your Heart. And just BE.

As you expand your Connection and your energy within your Heart, ask to Remember the Magic. Imagine what that would look like and, especially, Feel like. Ask for the feeling memories that you had that held the Gift of Christmas Magic – or Birthday Magic – or Relationship Magic. Engage in the Feelings that you are remembering. Embrace the Magic and allow it to Inspire you NOW.

Play with the Feeling of Magic. Encourage it to Inspire and Uplift you and your Imagination. Find the Infinite Possibilities that exist through the Power of your Imagination and Heart. And then Feel … the Magic is just waiting to BE involved in your life – waiting to Play and have FUN … to Encourage and Support your Dreams.

This Holiday Season – remember the Gift of Christmas Magic. My Gift to you is to Encourage you through my words and the Energy I exude through the Power of Words. So … find your Inspiration – the Inspiration that Motivates you to Remember the Expression of Magic. Capture the Magic of the Season, it is here year round – but it is more Powerful during this time. The Children Remember the Magic. Find your Inner Child and Experience the Gift of Christmas Magic to Inspire you for the next year. Empower your Dreams and then … Let GO.

Happy Holidays ❤️