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What Choices make Powerful Moments?

When we think about it, we make choices every moment of the day. We don’t always feel they are choices. None the less, we make them. Do they make our moments loving – or fearful? Do they make our moments positive or negative? Are they Powerful choices or are they poor, ineffective choices? Are we conscious of our choices? Or do they come from an unconscious place?

These are questions that we should all ponder and reflect upon daily. When our goal is to Grow Up and Evolve our Consciousness, we need to BE aware of our thoughts and our choices. Let’s break this down and take some Soul Moments together.

When our Choices don’t feel like Choices:

We don’t always feel like we are Empowered and in charge of our Choices. Often we let life happen. We don’t consciously feel through what is happening or maybe we only feel what is happening without considering that we may have a choice on what to feel. For example, a friend is upset – let’s say she got fired from her work – we sympathize with her and also get upset with and for her. Or our partner got mad because they felt we did or didn’t do something they wanted.

Often when we encounter people who are upset, and especially people who are upset with us, we react. Our reaction is because of how they interpreted the situation. We may mirror their reaction or also get upset because it triggers our fears.

Or let’s look at this world, a world that is in reaction mode. It is easy for us to get caught up in the world around us and feel we have no choice but to react to what the media has interpreted as the problem. However, is that the truth? Are we stuck to how we react by media, friends and family? Or can we Choose how to respond?

This is part of Growing up. We get to choose! We can decide how we want to FEEL at any given moment. We can empathize with others without it impacting how we actually feel or without it impacting how we choose to feel. The Bigger Point here is: we can Choose how we respond/feel at any given moment. Obviously we wouldn’t choose to feel JOY at a funeral, as it may be inappropriate but perhaps we can choose to feel JOY for the person who is finally at Peace instead of in pain.

We can choose to accept something when others are angry at what they interpret is our fault because we realize that their anger is based on their fear and not ours. Ultimately, it is our Choice how we respond!

What is a Loving Choice vs a Fearful Choice:

This a conscious choice on how we respond. Because we can now step outside our victim mentality of reacting as others expect us to act or how the world around us tends to respond – or seems to respond. We can make choices from either a loving place or a fearful place. If we continue to be unconscious and allow the world, friends and family to dictate how we should react to our -or their – situations; we will most likely come from a fearful place.

However, even if we unconsciously react to what is happening around us, we can choose again. We can decide that no matter what is happening we want to show compassion, love and Heart to all given situations. No matter what is happening around us all responses can come from a Loving Place. It doesn’t mean that we should be inauthentic.

If we are grieving, that is authentic. If we hold onto the grief and we become depressed, anxious, angry or frustrated with ourselves or others, then we are holding onto fear. It is the fear that is dictating our choices. This is a spiral that will keep our energy – and how we respond to life – in a dark place. We can’t move forward and we stay in fear.

Once we allow fear to take hold of us we are no longer making choices from a Loving Place. This is also a choice!

It is also a choice to recognize and be conscious of the situation we have created or has been created around us. Choosing to FEEL Compassion, Acceptance and Love for ourselves, others, and the situations occurring around us is Empowering ourselves to BE Love instead of allowing our fears to dictate how we feel.

I choose to BE LOVE. I accept when I have allowed my fears to take over, and then I can make another choice, an empowering choice. We can do this, consciously, every moment. We can be aware of how we are feeling and choose LOVE.

Positive or Negative:

For some people, we need to find ways to BE Positive. Our World is a crazy place with the Media interpreting events and telling us how to react. In Canada, our very Media is restricted now because our Government has chosen to restrict what we can see on the Internet and Television. Personally, I never choose to watch the news. To me the news is biased. However, now it is very biased due to the new Canadian restrictions. Even our Social Media has been restricted.

Again, it doesn’t really impact me, as I don’t watch the news. I haven’t had a TV for 2 decades. I can stream from my internet provider, but I would prefer entertainment without commercials. I find the news presented, and even the commercials, stressful. I am aware that the news and commercials are aimed at inducing fear: both want me to think and act a certain way – to their advantage – because if I don’t act the way they want there will be, according to them, life-impacting consequences. Think about it. Yes, we are all free to think about such things – the biases in how the world presents itself. How does it affect us? How do we respond?

I choose to BE as Positive as I can be. However, it is easy to BEcome Negative in this world. It is a Choice to BE Positive. BEing Positive is not always easy, it takes effort and constant awareness. The benefit of BEing Positive is a life lived with less stress. I can’t say I am always happy. However, I can say that if I find myself angry or frustrated, I can easily recognize this discomfort. When this occurs I Consciously Choose to shift my perspective. This is a Choice!

Powerful or Ineffective:

It is Powerful to make Positive, Loving Choices. Allowing the World, friends, family and situations to dictate to us how to respond, to react or to BE fearful is ineffective. We all want LOVE. We all want Positive and Powerful life situations. How we react is a choice.

If we are always allowing the Media, friends, family and situations to determine how we feel, then we will not ever BE in charge of how we feel and we BEcome victims to the World around us. It is far more Empowering to Choose how to respond. Sometimes the only thing that helps is to laugh at the absurdity of what is happening in the world around us. Or laugh at our reaction. And laughter is a choice!

Sometimes we have an unconscious, immediate reaction of pain or fear. This is due to our behaviors, patterns and stories that are set up by the age of seven. We are not only not physically mature, but neither are we emotionally, mentally or spiritually mature by the age of seven! So how could we possibly make automatic choices when we are running old programs that were implanted in us by family and friends at that tender age of seven? As adults, however, once we are aware of our initial reaction, then we can choose again. We can choose a more powerful and positive choice of LOVE.

Conscious or Unconscious:

Our understanding to this point is that our seven year old self was definitely Unconscious. It is a choice to continue from the automatic reactions of a seven year old or a choice to re-choose how to respond Consciously.

We have so much that is always happening around us. We don’t live in a bubble. We live in an ever-changing world, full of ups and downs. Change is constant. Therefore, we have to change with our world. We don’t have to change unconsciously. We can choose to change Consciously: BEing aware of how we respond every moment.

We can’t meditate 24/7. We have obligations and responsibilities. And life happens. However, we can always choose how we feel while we tend to our obligations and responsibilities. Of course there will be times when these obligations and responsibilities aren’t positive. Allowing ourselves to remain unconscious during or after these obligations and responsibilities are a choice. It is important to remember that!

However, we still must be authentic! We aren’t going to BE happy all the time. We just have to BE aware when we are reacting. Reaction is automatic. It is how we choose to respond after the automatic reaction that determines if we are Conscious or Unconscious. In a World that is ever-changing (and often in negative ways; or is that just the interpretation of our biased media?) we can either Choose to be Positive, Conscious, Powerful and Loving or negative, unconscious, ineffective or fearful.

I want to live in a World that encourages us to make our own Choices. To make Loving, Conscious, Positive and Powerful Choices that Empower us all. Why Not? We are Building Dreams. We are in Charge of how to respond after we react from a seven year old self. We can choose, and I choose to BE all I can BE. I want to move beyond the Fear and into Conscious Love. Join me and let’s Play! ❤️

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