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Ascension Path: LOVE is All You Need!

April 8th Solar Eclipse was the beginning of our Ascension Path! How exciting that we have an opportunity to take a path towards our Ascension. This is SO Inspiring!

LOVE is All You Need… the part of the chorus to the Song “All You Need is LOVE” which is the title to a show I did this month with Tom Campbell. This show was about the dissension the World is currently going through. Irregardless of our New Ascension Path our World is going through an adjustment phase. The World is full of Fear that is expressed as Hate, Bullying, Frustration, and Trolling (those who like to start a fight … as in trying to ‘bait’ someone into an argument by saying something the opposite of what the someone has posted or agreed with) to create sensationalism in the media.

These two major happenings – Ascension and Fear – are part of the balancing we are all going through. Some will decide to take the step towards our Pathway to Ascension where as others will get caught up in the 3rd dimension of Fear. There is a split happening and the choice is ours to either step onto the Ascension Path or stay with the Fear.

Let’s first discuss the discord that has been happening. The opposite of Bullying is BEing a Victim. We are seeing both patterns. The Victim is someone who feels powerless and reverts to blaming others for their perceptions of who is responsible for their problems. Victims believe that…

  • Bad things have happened to them in the past and will continue to happen to them.
  • Others are to blame for the victim’s misfortune.
  • There is no point in the victim trying to make a change because they believe it will not work.

The Bully is using a learned pattern. It is the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group. Where bullying occurs the relationship between bully and bullied (victim) involves an imbalance of power.

Both victim and bully are people who are experiencing low entropy – having more fear than love. This blog came about due to a comment by a friend who reminded me ‘that everyone, even the Bully, at their core, wants to be LOVED and to LOVE’. This is an important understanding. Everyone is looking to BE Loved and to Love.

We can’t change anyone else. We can’t fix the Bully or Victim that is outside of us. But we can be in charge of how we perceive and respond to the Bully or Victim. If we have these tendencies ourselves, we can work to shift our Fears. However, the only way to do this is for us to be conscious of our fears.

It is time that we try and see and to beware of our responsibility in the bully/victim dynamic by our holding onto our fears. It would be wise to:

  • Examine our definitions that we believed about Love, fear, bullying, and victimhood.
  • Explore the Behaviors that We Learned about LOVE.
  • Review the beliefs we continue to hold due to our experiences.
  • Ponder the Stories we tell ourselves: that we aren’t Loveable or that we have been abandoned or never happy, or that no one supports us. All these Stories continue to recreate the patterns within our lives.

The time is NOW when we must look at our fears. However, the problem isn’t in the symptoms but in the core fears we hold. We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to fix the symptoms… worrying about lack of finances or relationship problems in the different facets of our life. These are the symptoms of our fears, not the actual cause of the problems.

Our fears are the cause! Our fears continue to mold the world we see around us. What we are promoting – our fears – the Universe will create for us. When we decide to BE LOVE, or to be Free or Kind … the Universe will create a life full of LOVE, freedom or kindness. What we focus on, we create more of. When we focus on our fears, like the symptoms of things we lack, we create more of it. However, it is hard to shift when we don’t even see the fears that are guiding us.

We are overwhelmed, tired, self-centered and doing the best we can do in a world that is full of fear. When we choose to Lead by Example, to our children, our peers, our colleagues, family and friends, we pave the way to achieve Healing the World. Let’s stop reinforcing the Fear pattern and break the cycle of thinking and acting out of Fear.

Ascension Path:

The energy that the Solar Eclipse brought us is an opportunity to choose a path that will lead to our Ascension. The choice is whether you step onto the path of Ascension or continue on the path of fear and the 3rd dimension.

This is a powerful time and because the Eclipse energy stays for the next six months until the next set of eclipses and that means we always have time to choose. So, let’s start with where our lives are currently. Are we happy? Do we live our lives to the fullest? Is LOVE guiding us or our fears?

The most recent show with Tracy McBurney looked at how our fears create defense mechanisms, control mechanisms, and protection mechanisms – when we have had trauma. Analyzing these mechanisms – that our mind has created to see our fears – will help us understand, without judgement, the choices we have made. These mechanisms will show us where we are, and from this we can decide whether we want to stay here or take the path towards Ascension.

A Powerful tool Tracy offered is, wherever you have these mechanisms that are blocking you from the life you dream about, to ask your Authentic Higher Self to Hold YOU. Not Heal. Not fix. Just HOLD you. Feel the unconditional Support of your Authentic Higher Self (AHS). Regardless of who is in your life, your AHS has your Best Interests at Heart. The AHS will very likely lead us to healing these mechanisms. But sometimes we just need to BE Held. Without judgement, without fear and it is our AHS that holds us with Unconditional LOVE.

I would like to remind you that when we step on the Pathway of Ascension, we will likely have detox symptoms. So for those who have had muscles aches, headaches, or feeling sick, your body is preparing for the Ascension Process and your immune system is working perfectly fine. So BE Gentle!

This is the time we have been waiting for. This is the choice we have been dreaming of for lifetimes. It is finally within reach. For those reading this, your consciousness knows how important this time is. We can choose to Ascend and Lead by Example. It only takes one person at a time to make a difference. Don’t worry about anyone else. Show them this can work by you BEing the Change!! Choose the Pathway of Ascension and those around you will want to follow. BE LOVE!