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A Year of Peace & Revelations: Powerful Intentions

As 2023 winds down the energies of 2024 BEcome revealed. This is a Year of Peace and Revelations. We will learn a great deal this coming year: we will learn of the secrets that have been hidden behind Greed and Power. For many it may be quite a shock. However, the Year will be harmonious and Peaceful. What we learn will help many people – and the Peace that will permeate this year will guide our deeper emotions.

What does this have to do with Powerful Intentions? We all have a need for Intention. We have all gone through challenging times over the past 4 years. Some ups and a lot of downs. And we are ready for some Peace! Having said that, there are challenges and areas in our lives where we need some Powerful Intentions. Tom Campbell and I did a show on Intentions that inspired this post.

So, regardless that this Year will reign in a new era of Peace, we also need to shift some areas in our personal lives to achieve some personal Peace.

2024 in numerology is an 8 year. This means prosperity and abundance, a more limitless mentality. Unfortunately, the greed of corporations has rapidly taken over even our basic needs. Groceries that food corporations claim have only gone up 5 to 7%, have in reality typically gone up 30-40%. And sometimes more! Yet some corporations have already declared their earnings for the year to be millions above past years.

Maybe Loblaw Co, Canada’s largest food distributor and food retailer is the exception? Their 3rd quarter earnings in 2023 were $18.265 billion, up $877 million from the year before. How is this ok? How is this ok when record numbers of Canadians are relying on Food Banks? And the number has increased by 38% since 2022 – and increased by almost 82% since 2016-17. Food corporations have prospered at the expense of the citizens.

The Abundance isn’t towards huge corporations like Loblaws but rather for us individuals who will balance out the ridiculous greed that has apparently justified these corporations from hurting who they are supposed to be serving.

Situations like this only bring to the surface just how unbalanced our Service Industry has become. They, the corporations, have unnaturally taken advantage of a world health crisis and decided that they are more important than the people they serve. These are the truths that will come out in 2024.


We all need to take a moment and Connect with our Inner Self. Conscious Breathing is one of the quickest ways to take a pause. Our Powerful Intentions will BEcome Empowered through BEing in the Now moment as we connect with a Power Greater than ourselves. Being in the Now,  Empowered through Conscious Breathing, reveals that Spark of Light that exists within all our Hearts.

Taking Moments for ourselves and Connecting to that Infinite Spark Within will allow us to BEcome clear about what we want and need in our lives. And we all need a little Abundance to combat the ridiculous price gouges that we are dealing with. But do we need to live with just a little abundance? Will that allow us to live in Peace? If 2024 is a year of Peace, then a little more isn’t what we are suggesting. Peace means we are at Peace. And to BE at Peace, we will BE living with ease. And living with ease means that we will have an abundance that will allow for our living to be easy for us.

A Powerful Intention for Ease or Peace would have JOY, Gratitude and Caring involved. I think part of the question is: what does Peace mean to You? What would the Year of Peace look like for you?

BEcome Connected and sit in the JOY of Peace. What would that look like, sound like, feel like or taste and smell like? If you don’t know then Creating it will become more challenging – but it is our responsibility to create our Joy.

Gratitude is when our Hearts are full of LOVE. We can Appreciate some areas in our lives, even when other areas of our lives feel bleak. So? What to do? We just have to shift our thoughts from the areas that we are having challenges in to the areas that we are Thankful for. Building Gratitude is the one area that can assist us to Shift our Perspective to one of Love and Magical Intentions.

The Caring portion is about caring for your family and friends; and caring beyond what we may think is our responsibility: caring for some part of the world around us. We should set our intentions to care for what – and who – we see around us that could use help that we can provide. Powerful Intentions require a deep connection to our Self and those around us: a connection that is deeper than just us or our Ego. It is for the Betterment of our Community, Country, and/or a broader World. Feeling is important to deepen our Love and Compassion in this World. Caring is Sharing and is crucial to Creating – and guiding – our Intentions.

The scope of our caring will tend to require a Shift of Perspective – even if we are already caring. What more can we do? This Shift in Perspective Helps us to recognize the areas that cause discomfort in us and such a Shift in Perspective can relieve us of things that are troubling to us. And relief can come just by knowing that sometimes we just need to shift our Perspectives and relief is a by-product. We often don’t even realize just how a small shift in Perspective can completely shift our fears and discomfort.

An example would be: we dread doing housework (or is that just me?).

If we can find our motivation then we can easily shift this from being an obligation to something meditative or JOYful. Doing dishes is a constant duty and responsibility. If we don’t do them, we either have to buy more dishes or eat out more or hire a pest control technician. Instead, we can Shift our Perspective and see that doing dishes becomes a meditative exercise.

Also, I received some guidance about time: if you can do something in under 60 seconds – just do it. How many times have you waited until you have no more plates left, or cutlery? (Again, is that just me?). If you can take 60 seconds after you finished your snack or meal and Breathe, while you rhythmically wash your dishes, you will feel better. And you will feel like you have accomplished something. That feels good. And such a feeling builds Confidence and inspires Motivation to do more.

Fears: One of the things to BE aware of is that, if there is something you need, like better Health, Abundance, more Loving Relationships, weight loss, to stop smoking, to stop judging others, or to limit one’s time scrolling through Social Media – as examples of things one might need. If you aren’t able to do any of these then it is your Fears that are blocking you. The Universe cannot assist you if you have conflicting thoughts. Willpower alone is NOT enough.

For every Intention that you want – or that you set – there is a Fear that is blocking you from receiving it or perhaps a fear that creates the challenge in the first place.

One way to overcome any fear is to Shift your Perspective or your wording around whatever it is that challenges you. If you have a weight issue or want to focus on weight loss, shift your focus to your Passions. Find something you are passionate about – not what you look like – and focus on what you are passionate about. Or Work Out to Feel Good instead of for the purpose of being thinner. Stop Judging and Spread Positivity. Wording matters because some wording is negative and other wording, more positive, opens up possibilities.

However, examining and overcoming your fears goes a LONGER way towards your Magical Intentions. There are reasons we experience challenges. Like relationships: our challenges are to assist us to Grow Up. Contemplate why certain areas in your life are the way they are. It is extremely likely that a fear, manifested prior to the age of 7, is involved. If you can, be Playful and Excited about the Possibilities that these fears may indicate and then the Letting Go – through your Shift in Perspective – will be almost Magical in Creating the Intentions you are Dreaming about. Just Breathe, connect with your Inner Self, and ask your Inner Self to Uncomplicate your life. The Inner Self – and The Universe – is Listening.

2024 will be an Important Year for us all. It will herald a time of Peace. Revelations will allow us to finally see the truth. Abundance will reBalance the World.

Take this time to BEcome clear what is most important to you. I recommend beginning with one to three important Intentions. Take a moment and BREATHE. Connect to your Inner Self. Listen to what the Universe is expressing to you. If you don’t have it, a fear is involved. ReWord or shift your Perspective to your Motivation and the deeper message within your Heart. Dance, Play, EnJOY and LOVE who you are and the World you have created. BE Grateful. Share YOU. BE.

I am so incredibly Grateful for BEing allowed to share my experience and (sometimes) wisdom with You. We are all Growing and Evolving into Powerful, Magical Beings. I may have more time to connect due to the fact that my work is as a self-employed Intuitive. As such, an Intuitive, I am able to spend more time creating a Safe and Empowering Space to Evolve my Spirit.

I welcome you to do what you can to Evolve your Spirit in these challenging times. Peace will come. Revelations will be seen. And your Intentions will change your experience of your Life. I welcome your thoughts on this. And I look forward to a New Year, a JOY full and Abundant New Year of Peace – for ALL of us!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2024