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The Healing Power of Love

Happy Love Month! I reread what I wrote last year recently: a message of Hope and Love revealed and the naivety of Healing. Last year brought many gifts and learnings. I began to balance my body and yet my body reminded me that there is so much more to be done. I felt secure in […]

What NEW ways will you BE EnJOYing 2023

Well the New Year is upon us and even though 2022 was NOT the year we hoped or expected it gives us new meaning to what Ascension is all about. 2020 was supposed to bring us into the 5th dimension but instead – we got COVID-19 and the world stopped. 2022 was to be 2020 […]

Surrender to the Holidays: Relive the Magic

Wow, where did 2022 go? We are entering the Holiday Season. We have already had snow and although it won’t stay it is beginning to feel like Christmas. As I was contemplating what I wanted to share for the end of this year – a powerful message was sent to one of my favorite clients: […]

Are You Living Your Best Life?

I’m sitting here – over a week after Canadian Thanksgiving and pondering the idea of “Living My Best Life”. This is after being quite unwell for the past couple of weeks. I haven’t had any type of illness for the past four years and it took out of me much more than I thought possible. […]

Walking Journey – Movement to Health

Wow! Can you believe the summer is almost over? I took a well needed rest from shows and writing to continue my journey to Health, my walking journey. I honestly didn’t expect to continue the walking journey for 2 years when I first started walking for health – but here we are. And it has […]

Pursuit of Happiness

The elusive pursuit for gaining happiness – if we are asking the question about what we truly desire through our continued examination of what we want and why – ultimately we discover that it truly and simply is: Happiness is what we deeply desire. This is a built-in response to living our lives with Joy! […]

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