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JOYfully Create Your Powerful Abundance Tools by BEing Clear

How can we Create Abundance JOYfully? As we approached the Summer Holidays I wrote a Blog on A Powerful Summer of FUN with Abundance. This began a series of events that Empowered me to have FUN and Play with Abundance. What I forgot to review was a tricky astrological event with Venus going Retrograde (July 22nd to Sept 3rd). Now, I don’t believe that Astrology rules our lives, but when personal planets like Mercury, Mars and Venus go retrograde, it does tend to affect us on a personal level. Venus is the planet of Love and Money.

Abundance isn’t just about money, but after the impact of the last few years, we have all been impacted abundance-wise. Small businesses are no exception and possibly even more vulnerable to economic implications. With Venus now direct it is a Great Time to Play JOYfully to Create Abundance. October also is our time to BE Grateful, as our Canadian Thanksgiving is Oct 9th. Gratitude is a Powerful tool to Create with. And there are many tools that are Powerful when Playing JOYfully with Abundance.

Let’s explore some of the tools… (A couple of the tools are in the Headline.)

JOYfully: It is a toss-up as to which of the Headline tools are most important, JOYful or BEing Clear? Personally, part of the process is how we feel in any given moment. To express ourselves JOYfully is a beautiful and powerful tool. JOY is Happiness and Playfulness. Whenever you are attempting to Create anything it is always important to FEEL through what you are creating. JOY is a powerful way to FEEL and will show the Universe how much it means to you. The Universe will listen!

BEing Clear: This is one of the most basic and Important tools to Creating. When you desire Abundance it isn’t enough to just say you want to BE Abundant. Abundance is everywhere. We may believe it is financial but it can be Romantic or the Air we Breathe. And after the summer of forest fires our air became important to many. The point is: if we are not Clear the Universe doesn’t know how to Co-Create with us. The FUN affirmation from my summer Blog was: ‘$100,000 or more – coming to me, from where ever it is now… Why NOT?’.

That is Clear. Saying that you want to increase your business, although good, it is NOT Clear. It could increase your workload by crashing your website. Or increase your emails and phone calls with people who are also NOT Clear and cause more frustration than financial Abundance. BE Clear and the Universe will reward you. Know what you Want. Declare it. And Let the Magic Unfold.

Gratitude: Always Powerful! Gratitude is also an emotion that we have access to at all times. Gratitude opens our Hearts and uses Positivity to bypass our fears. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools we can have to create more positivity in our lives. It keeps us from focusing on the past or worrying about the future. Gratitude is one of the Most Awesome tools in our toolbox. Watch or listen to last year’s holiday show with Tom Campbell on Wallowing in Gratitude. BE Grateful and JOY will come from Within.

Power of Community (when 2 or more are gathered): This is a common belief that has been around the Spiritual community and may have been highlighted via A Course In Miracles as a quote from the Bible Mathew 18:20. (Honestly, I was having difficulties finding the quote. Emmanuel Dagher often shares in his teachings the power of when 2 or more are gathered. I also remember discussing when I was part of the Mystery School. This belief has been around, but not clear who or where I first heard it about it with regard to Creating.)

Regardless, it has always been about when 2 or more come together we have more power to Create. It is about creating your Tribe and focusing on a goal together. Bring in people you trust and work together. Let us come together and Create JOYful Abundance. Why Not?

Your Vibration – connects to your unique Essence of Source:  Focus on your physical body vibrating at higher frequency. Focus on the vibration of LOVE. Focus on your Breathe and pulling into you as much Light and Love as possible. We all have a unique vibration that guides us. Creating a connection with Source, whether inside ourselves or to the Source of all Life: we can Feel that vibration. And expand the vibration. The Higher the Vibration, the more powerful our connection to Source is. Find Your Home Essence within Source!

Choose Love over Fear: We always have a choice. We may not always feel there is a choice. That is the Beauty of LOVE. When we feel fear, which comes from anger, frustration or any negative emotion, it elicits a fear response. That is a pretty automatic reaction. However, we can then ask ourselves if we want to continue to have fear to block the abundant emotion of Source; which is LOVE. Love is Source Energy. It is only fear that blocks the Abundance of LOVE. Once you realize you are in a state of fear you can choose to Let it GO. And focus on the Beauty of LOVE.

Choices from Your Heart: I feel Love through my Heart. Some people feel Source Energy in their Solar Plexus. My understanding of this type of energy, via our Solar Plexus is that of our Gut Brain. It is more about Protection than Unconditional Love. When I am feeling stress, pain, or frustration, I know I have a choice. I focus on my Heart and Expanding the energy there. I practice following my Heart over my Head. I choose to focus on my Heart versus my Ego. It always shifts the energy and allows JOY!

Now Moment: Time is no longer linear, there is only NOW.

It is a sacred union of how you feel in each NOW moment, the experience of the external creation of time! Since there is only NOW then you are creating time and abundance by how you are feeling each NOW moment. Just be aware of how you are feeling because that is what you are creating.

Align with Source: create a solid connection to Align, Create and Support from within You.

It’s all about aligning and connecting to Source within and allowing this connection to bring Divine Abundance. Aligning to Source releases fear. Releasing Fears like anger, jealousy and frustration from your expectations? Hold LOVE for what you desire. Remember why you chose what you are wanting to Create. Let the NOW Moment fuel you through your Heart and LOVE.

How are You JOYfully Creating Abundance? Do you have other tools? I would love to hear from you. I encourage you to find your Tribe. It is so much easier to create when there is more than one person creating. Plus it is more fun when you bring others to align with your joint goals. BEing Clear is probably the first step, although it is just as important to Begin with Feeling JOYful and Empowered.

When we start with feeling Positive, instead of trying to create through discovery of the problem, we have a greater Opportunity to Create JOYfully and Allow more Powerful Creations. Focusing on the Problem aligns with creating more of the Problem. Feel First what you want to BE. Happy, Positive, and Loving. Join me and Let’s JOYfully Create Our Powerful Abundance by BEing Clear. ❤️