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A Powerful Summer of FUN with Abundance

As my summer Blog I am choosing something slightly different this month: I am going to explore how to have “FUN with Abundance” this summer.

If you have been following my Blogs and shows lately then you will know that I have been EnJOYing discussions about Abundance and FUN. Both Tracy and Tom’s latest shows have had a theme of FUN. And I wrote my Blogs about Abundance through cards (the beautiful Magdalene Manifestation Cards) drawn and messages received. This has offered a different perspective and is quite exciting.

It all started after a show with Tracy McBurney when she shared a wonderful Decree: ‘$100,000 or more – coming to me, from where ever it is now… Why NOT?’.  This is such a magical Decree, because it takes a statement and then uses a playful ‘Why not?’ at the end. Because why not? It doesn’t bring with it the seriousness that often comes out when trying to overcome ‘lack-consciousness’. It offers a lighthearted way of exploring Abundance. So why not take it further and make it FUN!

Let’s start with Abundance. What is Abundance? It isn’t just money. It is the underlying energy represented through LOVE. Love is expressed in everything. It is. It is the energy of Life. Fear is what diminishes the pure essence of LOVE. Since money has become synonymous to Abundance, abundance has a lot of strings that unravel through fear. Love and Abundance become muddied – especially when there is Fear in the mix and it is almost always in the mix.

Let’s shift up our definition and experiences with Abundance. If Abundance is LOVE then it is Infinite. We have all been brainwashed to believe that money is scarce. And that it is only available, in abundance, to the elite few, the 1%. However, if Love and Abundance are synonymous then money is also Abundant.

Typically it is our limited experience with money and how it is created that restricts how we receive it. When we believe that our Abundance is limited by our work: then we only receive money through our work. And unless we have investments, or even an inheritance coming, we don’t see other options available to us. This limits how we receive money. And our beliefs and our thoughts are filled with fear of lack and fear of not having enough. All other available avenues have been blocked because we can only see Abundance coming through limited means.

What if… there are infinite channels to receiving? What if… instead of what we have always been told – that money is restricted to being received in only a few different ways – it, money, Abundance, is just like LOVE? Available everywhere.

What if… instead of challenges with money – we saw it as YUMMY? Delicious isn’t usually a word to describe money. But why not? And what if… you can change the energy of any form of money as Yummy? Or even delicious?

When someone you know is wealthy or receives a windfall – are you excited for them or jealous? There are so many negative emotions around money and this is why we changed our usage related to “money” to “Abundance”. But changing the word doesn’t always change the energy. Like when a friend wins a lottery. Or your neighbor excels at winning in the stock market. Can You express JOY in hearing of the success of others. Or when a bill comes, instead of seeing it as a notice from someone wanting to  TAKE from you, you taste the JOY, the yumminess, the deliciousness, of paying for a service that is necessary to creating the Life you Desire.

Ultimately it is our choices that will make, create, our reality. If we Choose Love because Love is the fundamental energy that connects everything. And Love is Abundance. Then, when you hold LOVE, Abundance is created within everything. Focusing on LOVE will allow Abundance to Flow all around you.

Let’s focus on YUMMY Money. What do you think about when you ponder YUMMY? Do you imagine your favorite food, drink, or sexy partner? What makes your consider YUMMY as a feeling? Because it is definitely is a feeling. And can you feel the deliciousness of money? Or is that a step too far? Take some time and consider the feeling of YUMMY money and maybe even, if you dare, DELICIOUS money!

Creation comes from feeling Pure JOY. You can’t judge or put limitations on what you are creating. It must come from your Imagination first. It comes from Your Heart overflowing with JOY. It comes from Beauty and Grace. Creation is not about building something new, it is about ALLOWING all the Beauty and Grace – that already exists – to flow to YOU.

Are you worthy of it? If you are Here, then you are most definitely Worthy of LOVE and Abundance.

There is a cycle to Abundance. The Universe is always conspiring for your benefit and highest good. And it is a conscious choice, YOUR choice, to receive and Create your Dreams. Can you receive with Grace, Gratitude and Delight? When someone compliments you or offers to buy you coffee/tea/lunch/dinner – whatever – do you accept with JOY or is there a fear attached, like an expectation that you need to pay something back?

Can’t you just receive the gift of the Universe? And Confidently Receive! Confidently receive all the LOVE, Energy AND MONEY that comes to you. And then it is your opportunity to Give and Recycle the Abundance even More… This is the cycle. Let it be. It is for YOU after all!

My last piece to share is Ecstatic Bliss. When you imagine YUMMY and Ecstatic Bliss, what comes to mind? Yummy is a taste as well as a feeling. Ecstatic Bliss is an action accompanied by a feeling. Imagine dancing, singing, playing, making love, eating: all are acts that express our Bliss and JOY. Bliss isn’t something we create, it IS. It is the JOY that is our essence within. We forget our Bliss – our JOY – when fears block the Pure JOY of our connection to Source. You know – that Brilliant Light within us all that connects us to LOVE. That is Abundance.

Let’s put all the pieces together now. Abundance is LOVE. LOVE is YUMMY Money. Money Flows through our Imagination and it is all part of the cycle of the Universe. Ecstatic Bliss is expressed through everything that brings us JOY. We Create by allowing the Energy that flows through us all to connect to the Inner Essence that is within each of Us so that we can receive our Dreams.

To have a FUN Summer of Abundance we need to Play more, Dance more, LOVE more and Imagine more. Take this summer to explore all the avenues of JOY, Abundance, Imagination and LOVE. And see what happens. One thing for sure: You will have a more JOYous experience. And the Abundance will come. Why not?

We have already investigated fear, lack and pain. That didn’t bring us anything that we believed we wanted. Just more fear. And perhaps a little sadness or disappointment that the Universe didn’t deliver as we had hoped it would. It’s not “hope” that makes this happen: it’s LOVE, JOY, and IMAGINATION. The Universe is ABUNDANT. Let’s allow ourselves to accept that delicious, that yummy, Abundance. The Universe is happy to have us create all of this. Why not?

So, let’s shift it up this Summer. Let’s go for a walk, get a massage, take a bath, swim, rest, dance, sing, hum, hug, make love, eat, be, color, talk, enjoy, play. Find your way to allow for more FUN in your life that will bring Abundance. Don’t limit it – Discover some or all of the Infinite ways in which you can have FUN. When you are having FUN you aren’t worrying about your bills or your future. You are present and Conscious. JOY will bring you more JOY. And will allow your Imagination to Create more JOY. This will release the energy that will permit more Abundance.

Everything is Connected. LOVE brings more LOVE. Fear brings more fear. What do you want?

At the very least – by you focusing on a Summer FUN of Abundance – you will definitely bring more FUN into your life. Join me in Playing more this Summer and Freeing up the Energy of Abundance in your life. Why Not?