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The Infinite Heart Raises Consciousness

What is an Infinite Heart, you ask? That is a great question. Recently, during an interview with Tracy McBurney, we started with a show on Anxiety. As we progressed through the show, as a healing example, we looked at my anxiety. What we discovered is that my Heart now feels its connection with the Infinite Source of Love and Gratitude. What does this mean? Read on…

Let’s recap the show: anxiety is not just emotional reaction to stress, it is also due to EMF’s – Electromagnetic fields. And, as an Empath, often some of the anxiety isn’t ours. When Tracy asked on a scale of 1-10 what number represents anxiety that was not mine my Intuition said 4 out of 10 was not mine; 6 out of 10 was mine. Then Tracy asked from 1-10 where was my anxiety level. My Anxiety level doesn’t idle at 10 out of 10 but this was how my Intuition looked at it. Immediately we let go of the 40% that wasn’t mine and then proceeded to find out about the other 60%.

Of the 60% that was mine: she used a method that we had used before, drinking water. When you drink pure water you can observe where the water goes as it flows down your throat. I drank some water and it felt like it was surrounding my lungs and protecting my heart. We talked to my Heart and it felt vulnerable and not completely safe. As I had gone through a break-up this past December it was like my Heart was recalling that event. The Heart asked to feel safe while it was BEing vulnerable.

We did some work around Letting Go of the 60% of anxiety. We successfully let go of another 40%. Then we established my new idle, due to EMF’s, excess electrical energy etc. and it was a 2 on the scale of 1-10. A 2 was constant because my intuition suggested that it is hard to go lower. We did actually go down to a zero but that took more work after the interview. My Heart told Tracy a message that it now felt connected to the Infinite Source of Love and Gratitude and that my Heart now Leads over my Head.

Tracy had never heard of this and was going to do some meditation after our show. I decided that my Heart would explain. Remember those beautiful cards that I received last month? Magdalene Manifestation Cards, still not available on Amazon until May 16th, are a beautiful tool to connect to The Magdalenes (there isn’t just one Magdalene) to Create Abundance through Love. Lately I have been using the cards to connect with others to establish how each person can create their own Abundance and to understand what may be blocking them. Abundance, in these cards, relates to money, time, relationships and energy (health is included under energy).

These Beautiful cards have two different cards associated with each heading, a Key and a Meridian Hologram. While asking for more information, I received Infinite Love Meridian Hologram and Source Union Key. These cards help the user tap into the field of Infinite Possibilities. See why I love these cards? Both are about Infinite Love and Possibilities… Infinite Heart… I think this all is connected.

Infinite Love Meridian Hologram: is all about Divine Relationships. We can change the set point of our limited source of Love between relationships. And with this code we can amplify to an Infinite supply of Love to flow in our relationships. This card/code can upgrade our relationships to ones of Wholeness by opening up the flow of Infinite Possibilities and Magical Energetic Pathways that connect with our relationships. Powerful!

Source Union Key: is about re-Sourcing. Helping us Connect with the Source of all Abundance and tap into the field of Infinite Possibilities. Source, in this context, is the Divine, God/dess, all that is. This key is to assist a change from the old paradigm of limited Abundance to connect with Source and Its Infinite Abundance.

To me the message became clear: my Heart recognizes that it is Connected to the Infinite Source.  My Heart no longer feels the limitations of Love and, in fact, my Heart flows and connects to Source to get its energy. My Heart recognizes that my head and gut brains are limited while my Heart is connected to Source and therefore is Infinite. Hence Infinite Heart! When my Heart leads, my gut brain which is the General and my Head Brain which is similar to a computer that runs programs, it is able to release limitations and be Infinite. (For more information: this work is called mBraining where it looks at the three different Brains and how they function when integrated.)

Does this mean I have no ego? NO. Does this mean I can still have fear and limit the flow of energy? YES. I still require BEing Conscious of my energy and where it is coming from. I still often forget to be conscious of the energy and where it is coming from. It can happen … just like when my computer is slow and choppy and I have forgotten to be conscious (or aware) that all that is happening is a Microsoft update!? Every time my computer slows down I frantically search for a virus or malware. And every time, after about 30-60 minutes, I realize, with a “D’oh” that Microsoft is at it again. I wouldn’t be so anxious if I remembered that this usually happens with a Microsoft update. So, to me, this is all about being aware, being conscious, of the flow of energy. THIS is the way we can access – and be IN – our Infinite Heart.

Do I believe that part of the process to my Infinite Heart is because I found my Divine Mate? YES. I know that my Heart expands whenever I am with James. Together we are much stronger than by ourselves. Even when we were broken up our energy was connected and stronger than before I met him. My Infinite Heart, my OPEN Heart, overflows with its deep connection to Source.

Throughout my journey in this life I have consistently worked on Opening my Heart. Even before reading “Power vs Force” by Dr David R Hawkins I believed that I could raise my Level of Consciousness to 500 (= Unconditional Love) or above (on a scale reaching 1000 = Enlightenment). For me it feels like I eternally have been seeking a path to my Heart. Expanding my Heart. Clearing my Heart. Connecting my Heart. The journey for me has all been about the Heart.

I believe that, since I sought the Level of Consciousness of Unconditional Love, my journey has magnetically attracted situations that help me Heal my Heart. Every experience that led me to this Beautiful connection of an Infinite Heart has been Divinely Created. Not always easy. Often it was even quite messy. However, I unceasingly plodded forward daily. It felt like my mission.

Could I have done this without meeting my Divine Partner? I believe he came not only as a reward for all the work I have done in expanding my Consciousness but also to assist me in continuously striving to heal my Heart. And had we not met, I believe this process would have continued, albeit at a bit slower rate.

I believe when you seek something with all your Heart (pun intended) you are guided towards the tools to achieve them. Tools like I did when discovering “Power vs Force”, Magdalene Manifestation Cards and Yes, a Divine Mate. If you desire something enough you are inspired to uncover what you need. To me that is the true definition of the Law of Attraction. It isn’t for ‘things’ that we think we want to attract but rather our Heart’s calling for our deepening Levels of Consciousness.

Join me in this Wonderful and Powerful Journey towards uncovering The Infinite Heart in YOUR life. Your whole life will expand in ways you were never expecting. I think this will bring my Teaching of A Heart’s Way into a NEW Direction. You see, my Heart’s calling, My Heart’s attraction, has always been in my consciousness. And through the Heart we have the Power of removing the limitations we currently have in our connection with each of  our Hearts and the Infinite Heart of Possibilities. From My Heart to Yours ❤️