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A Heart’s Way

How to Align to your Soul’s Purpose and Manifest your True Dreams

A 6-week Course on becoming more Heart Centered.

Week One – Get Clear about what you really desire.

Many of us have mastered our minds and spent inordinate skill and time to build this capacity. However, our mind and ego live from our past experiences, our emotional attachments and our reactions. We believe that our hearts require protection from experiences that have hurt us in the past. Yet, it is our hearts that have the power to free us from this pain and struggle. Our hearts hold the space of our Soul’s Purpose. When you can uncover all the beliefs, fears, thoughts, expectations, anxieties, etc., that protect your heart, you will create space for your heart’s and soul’s full expression.

We live in a world that is focused on all the things we don’t want; all the fears and beliefs that keep us focused outside of ourselves; a world that has created victims and submissive people who have learned to repress our dreams, because we were disappointed or we were discouraged us to hold onto our dreams.

We have not only forgotten what our dreams are, we don’t even connect with the energy of our hearts anymore, much less the bliss of our souls.

Week Two – Uncover how limiting beliefs/habits/stories hold you back and keep you stuck.

What limiting beliefs, habits and stories do you have? Our stories center around our relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers and/or bosses. We hold
certain stuck emotions from our childhood that limit us from creating the life we desire, and keep us in our “head”, choosing fear over our hearts and love. Our family and friends are where our earliest patterns develop, and they create the beliefs, habits and stories that shape the ways we live our lives. For example, my “story” has to do with abandonment, and my relationships and other situations in my life, seem to reflect different aspects of this story. Our stories impact all of our relationships. They even effect situations that appear, on the outside, to be unrelated. These “unrelated” situations, however, elicit the same emotions we experienced as children.

Week Three – Live in Present Moment Awareness. Break through your patterns and reactions to be in charge of your responses.

To live in the Present moment requires us to be focused on the Here and Now, instead of worrying about the future or regretting the past. When you aren’t living in the now, you are most likely living in the past, by looking at a person from your past event that you wish you had done differently or remembering something you want to hold onto. Or you are in the future, projecting your hopes or your fears. Many of us spend a majority of our lives either reflecting on the past or projecting into the future. We need to learn to break through our patterns and reactions, so that we can be in charge of our responses. We would all like to be in “control” of our lives. However, there are always situations, events and people who can interfere with our sense of “being”. Usually, someone or something triggers us and we unconsciously “react” to what we feel has “happened” to us. We may feel amazing one moment, and be triggered into a reaction the next. Sometimes it is our own ego that triggers our unconscious reaction, by bringing up a past memory or a future worry.

Week Four – Shift from your head to your heart with the tools that lead to acceptance, non-judgment and witness consciousness. Practices that still the Mind, Body and Spirit. Hear the gentle guidance of the Heart.

We would like to invite you to begin to shift from your head to your heart. We are predominantly in our heads most of the time, reflecting the past, and projecting into the future. We distract ourselves with an array of “doings”, from trying to understand ourselves better, to trying to change ourselves, to trying to fix or heal ourselves. However, through this we are still trying to “do” something, which means we are in our heads. I want to encourage you to experience another way. In moving from your heads and forever doing something, to dropping in your hearts where we can be! Moving from our heads to our bodies, and ultimately our heart, means we are not “doing” but being. We can then respond to situations and people by being loving (for ourselves or others) instead of reacting unconsciously from fear, because we are in our heads and not in the present moment.

Week Five – Trusting your Intuition and your Innate Inner Guidance. Begin to Express your Authenticity, the natural soul essence of who you are.

Listening to our intuition: When we focus on our heart, we find the still space, the quiet connection where we can hear our gentle guidance from our hearts. Our hearts will guide us through the stillness where our souls express who we are. Intuition is a skill that is built through practice and through finding that stillness where we can truly listen. Our hearts hold the Divine Spark of our Souls. Finding that stillness within your heart brings you the Purpose you are here to manifest. Expressing your Soul’s Purpose will align you with infinite possibilities to manifest your dreams.

As a child, if you can look deep enough in your heart, what we all seek is to be loved and accepted for who we are. Unfortunately, many of us were convinced that who we were, was not good enough. As a result, from our childhood forward, we have not been authentic. We try to be someone we think everyone else will love. Authenticity is the freedom to remember who we are, by loving ourselves and accepting ourselves as we are. When you can uncover this love within you, you won’t be bound by what others think and feel, and you can express who you have always been.

Week Six – Align with your Soul Purpose, where you can feel more confident, empowered, and live from inner happiness to manifest your true dreams.

Your Soul’s Purpose is being radiated from you every moment of the day. Aligning with this and being able to uncover the gentle guidance of your soul is the goal of our work together. We all have core values and purpose that resonate with our core being. Once you align with your purpose, you will feel more confident and empowered. This will also bring clarity to manifesting your true dreams.

The tools that can be used to have a Conscious Heart are:

Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive Energy Clearing