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The Healing Power of Love

Happy Love Month! I reread what I wrote last year recently: a message of Hope and Love revealed and the naivety of Healing. Last year brought many gifts and learnings. I began to balance my body and yet my body reminded me that there is so much more to be done. I felt secure in Love and then my heart reminded me that I hadn’t healed as much as I was certain I had. Of course the answer is that we are ALWAYS growing and evolving, the Journey never ends and we continue to ‘see’ our core wounds and embrace with conviction – LOVE. That is the Journey and Healing Power of Love. Our Journey continues irregardless of how much or little we have uncovered and healed.

My Journey over the past couple of months was NOT what I expected as we headed into the Holiday Season. I felt my heart grieve a loss I wasn’t expecting and then I remembered that the pain I was experiencing was the core wound of Abandonment and the perception of BEing alone. I wasn’t healed when last year I was so positive that I had healed this area completely.

I am amazed at the courage of our Hearts. We can feel loss and pain yet we can forget the absolute emptiness of our core fears and still have Hope and Determination that we can be whole and that we can LOVE. We Love because it is our core essence and it radiates from within, without fear distracting us. And we only have anger, pain, emptiness, inadequacy, helplessness, guilt or loneliness (the list of negative emotions is far more extensive than listed here) because we have perceived our experience through a lens that reflects our fears or pain. I realized that when I reacted in anger – or any of the negative emotions – it was just Ego reacting and my fierce desire to BE right or justified in my beliefs that are actually a reflection of my fear.

Last year I also had a romantic fundamental belief that when Divine Mates meet they have a purpose to hold a vibration of Love for the planet – through loving each other.  And I made an assumption that because of the disconnection of the past few years where a pandemic separated us all, that Divine Mates were coming together to assist in this challenging time. What I forgot to take into account was that Love Heals – and this means that regardless of the Healing I had ALREADY done – there is ALWAYS more to heal. Karmic Contracts heal individual, personal wounds to evolve self. Soul Contracts heal the Soul Group’s wounds for the growth of our Soul Group. And Divine Contracts heal millions of people’s core wounds for the planet. The deeper the wound – and my Abandonment wound has been present in this life since prior to birth – the greater the reward. Did I sign up for this wounding/healing? Apparently I did. Did I remember this choice? I clearly did NOT!

At my deepest moment of vulnerability, relatively soon after the Heart-Break – I was able to do healing work with Tracy McBurney. I knew I needed to heal whatever had this vice grip on my heart and when I entered the space to BE Open to Heal (sometimes we aren’t open to Heal and we haven’t given permission to Heal; so we superficially believe that the problem is the absence of the person we believe we need, instead of the truth that we have a core wound that requires our LOVE) – and I heard her whispers of the memory of an Ego in pain – and I healed the final piece of my Heart. And the vice grip of pain released and all I was left with was sadness.

Sadness is authentic – we may try to avoid and distract ourselves from it – but it is authentic and NOT necessarily based in fear. Sadness can be fear if we hold onto the feeling of being vulnerable; if we feel it will not end or if we allow sadness to distract ourselves from our pain. But sadness doesn’t have to be a fear unless we hold onto it and halt our journey towards healing. Sadness on its own is just a natural reaction to loss. When we hold onto it: it turns into depression – or more negative emotions. So, if we have held onto our sadness and it has shifted into another negative emotion – it becomes a fear because we are not letting go or it has changed into something else.

It is our Perceptions and Expectations that, when we walk unconsciously through life with that ‘holding on’ aspect, it confuses our Experiences. Let me explain…

Our Beliefs – which we accept or trust – may come from a place that is already in trauma. We all come with core fears to work with – from a personal level to a Universal planetary level of suffering. These beliefs are NOT truth but based on our perceptions and expectations. These beliefs – remember, not truths necessarily – filter how we see the world.

Perceptions are how we view the world. They are a reflection of our beliefs and experiences but aren’t necessarily truth. We need to remember this about our beliefs and about what we think have been our experiences.  It is our Ego and Fear that create some of our perceptions. That is why 100 people can view something happening and there can be 100 different perceptions of what actually happened. If we have a belief that the world isn’t safe and we observe a car accident, that accident will be perceived through the lens that the world isn’t safe, the roads aren’t safe, and we fear for our safety even if we weren’t actively involved. Yet someone who has a belief that people leave us, abandon us, and that person observes the accident they may perceive that it came because one is always being abandoned and it triggered an abandonment lens that someone left someone else. Someone else may have neither of these beliefs and observe the accident as in Divine Order or someone BEing in the wrong place at the wrong time. Make sense? Our perceptions try to make sense out of everything through a lens that is skewed.

Expectations are what we hope for or fear in the future. Our Ego will look forward to or have reservations about an event or about seeing someone so our Ego may set up the scene for disappointment because this is based on past experiences or wishful thinking. We aren’t open to new experiences because our brain has categorized what has happened into boxes to process them more easily. If we go through our lives never questioning our unconscious expectations we tend to see everything through these same filters or lenses. Expectations often come from a place of fear rather than from an Openness of Love where we can see the world with newness and childlike exuberance.

The Healing Power of LOVE is what we all strive for and Hope for. What we often get in our striving is determined by the healing work we have completed. All Love is powerful in the beginning. It is precious and a Blessing – ALWAYS! What the media doesn’t portray is what comes after the falling in Love. Because our learning occurs most in relationships, relationships will trigger our fears. This could come from our fears of not being nurtured, of being abandoned, or even the fear of hurting another. Ironic isn’t it? Because if we don’t communicate our fears or we don’t communicate our needs because of our fear of hurting the other person – we eventually hurt the other person and ourselves. And even the love we have in our lives is adjusted by the perceptions and beliefs we have of love and their consequences of loving or not being loved.

Relationships are messy. Life is messy. LOVE is the purest and most transcendent energy that exists in the world. Yet we often find ways to blasphemy the sacredness of LOVE and it always happens through fear! I have had so many people say it is easier to leave the person they are with than communicate their fears and work to create something better. Yet LOVE isn’t something that survives when fear becomes visible and we react from our filters of pain. Sometimes the purpose of Love in our life is to remind us that it exists and we can Heal through our pain and fear. Love always Heals – we might not like the message – but we will always Evolve our Consciousness by opening to LOVE.

To me there is nothing in this world that is more powerful than LOVE. When I stopped searching for it, I found it. When I allowed my Ego’s pain to take over – I forgot the extraordinary Gift that Love offers. When I breathed through the fear – I Remembered to Heal and that the ONLY reason for the pain was to heal it.

Will life return to what I ‘want’? I have faith in LOVE. I have faith in those I love. And that LOVE will never change or abandon me. I also know that I am not a martyr who sacrifices my Love and happiness for the highest good. I am still human and crave Love expressed through another. And in LOVE month – I Believe in sanctity of LOVE. I believe that Love will conquer all (even if it is just ME that is healed through an aspect of my own Love within). To Heal so powerfully – and for more than myself – I believe I will be rewarded. Ah. There’s that belief kicking in. The Lens of Belief. So I KNOW that I will be fine because Love Heals All – if we give it a chance.

Join me in Celebrating the Preciousness of LOVE, The Healing Power of LOVE – regardless of whether it appears in your life currently or whether you are waiting to explore the Beauty of Love – BE LOVE NOW! Your being in that sense of Love will attract more of that Love and the Healing Power of that Love is what the Universe wants to Gift you with. From My Heart to Yours ❤️