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Love is an Action and Unconditional

I contemplated what I wanted to write on March 23rd, as this was the first day Pluto has entered Aquarius since 1778. As an Aquarian, I welcome this auspicious event and look forward to Creating some Magic.

The day prior I was gifted a set of cards, “Magdalene Manifestation Cards: Create Abundance through Love” (will be available May 16th). I knew that this gift of cards would assist me in writing my Blog this month. I may refer back to these beautiful cards in the future. Author Danielle Rama Hoffman wrote this beautiful book and cards, while Christine Lucas illustrated her cards. I might even interview Danielle. The card that was chosen as I shuffled the cards was “The Birthright of Love Key, Authentic Expression”. Love is a given and an action.

Love is a Given and an Action. I have discussed how love is an action before, but felt it required its own blog and here we are. Love is an action. And I would also like to explore how Love is a Given. A Given.

I love what Danielle wrote on her card and accompanied book: “Love is an act. It is an action. It is a way of moving in the world that deeply honors self and others.” How powerful is that? The Magdalenes’, see the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as past, present and future – and we are a part of it all.

The Magdalenes’ want us all to know that through Love we will breach the 3D and move directly into the 5D. That this Love, will take us out of the old paradigm of fear-based mentality (third dimension) that creates scarcity, separation, fear, doubt and worry and move us into an energy of surplus and unconditional Love (fifth dimension).

What does this look like? What does this mean?

Let’s explore that Love is a Given first. The underlying energy of the Universe is LOVE. We are all Loved unconditionally just by BEing here. We may have, unfortunately, learned that love is conditional through our parents, teachers, friends, and family, but that ‘conditionality’ isn’t TRUTH.

Conditional love is just a lie we use to try and manipulate others to feeding our Ego. Such as: “I am right, therefore, you are wrong. I can teach you how to BE right as long as you follow my lead. As long as you DO what I want of you, I will love you.” This is NOT love.

Training someone to BE and DO as you require of them isn’t love. Love is unconditional. It doesn’t require anything from anyone. However, I believe that we need to BE reeducated into Love Consciousness. Because, sadly, this fundamental lie that we have believed is truth makes us believe we must DO something, must fulfill some other person’s condition for us to be Loving and then to achieve this Love and BE worthy of Love and Abundance. As part of the conditioning that we have undertaken:  we must find the approval of others to feel loved.

Love is a GIVEN. Do you think that when we chose to be a part of this amazing world that we were unlovable and had to prove our worth to BE Loved? Regrettably our religions have told us we are born into sin. And, albeit this is the old paradigm of thinking, it still holds in our three dimensional fear based society.

Today, if I am correct, with Pluto stepping into Aquarius and the Beginning of the Age of Aquarius, we may BEgin to see a shift from the old paradigm of fear and lack consciousness and move into the fifth dimension of LOVE. And we may finally be able to Accept the Truth that we are LOVED irregardless of what we have done or will do. We ARE LOVE and LOVED simply by BEing here.

So, Love is a Given – and that simply means that it doesn’t matter what you have done in the past, present or will do in the future; You are LOVED. We can finally let go of the need to prove our worth and sit relaxedly in the knowing that the Pure Essence that is our Connection to Source is LOVE and Source Loves us. As a piece of Source, how could we NOT BE LOVE or how could we NOT BE LOVED?

I AM and We Are! This awareness of our closeness with Source by LOVE will allow us to shed the old 3D way of living – and who really wants that? And then we can Accept the Truth that we are LOVE.

Now let’s explore: Love is an Action. We LOVE.

Our initiation into this life came with a three dimensional fear that we must DO something to receive love. We believed that we must BE and DO the perfect ‘things’ to achieve this love that comes with conditions. This fundamental lie – of the conditionality of LOVE has been propagated for generations and instilled throughout our childhoods and our adulthoods through every institution. We allowed this lie to infiltrate us and therein create some of our deepest fears.

The other lie is that we must receive or take LOVE to BE Loved. LOVE is a Gift. We GIVE LOVE. Unconditional LOVE is not about receiving as it is about Giving. It is an action – to give LOVE is the consciousness we deeply desire and wish to give. It is intrinsic within us to LOVE. Our whole essence finds Grace in Loving. Grace is a gift from Source. It allows us to Breathe and BE our Truth.

We all have someone or something to Love. We have family, friends, pets that we Love. We Give Love through our work, our play and our relationships. We have been led to believe that our worth is somehow integral on other’s approvals and, hopefully, their Love. We seek others Love over and above Giving Love.

When we seek Love outside of us, this perpetuates the illusion that love resides outside of us. Our actions, choices, purpose, mission, relationships, finances, health, body, home, and community are authentic and not based on earning Love because LOVE is our birthright.

Therefore, LOVE is NOT outside ourselves but IS. When we think about Giving LOVE instead of Receiving it – we LET GO of seeking this Love outside of us.

Our greatest JOY comes from LOVING Unconditionally. Can you think of an example of Giving Love unconditionally? Can you remember a time when you received unconditional Love? Which is more powerful?

If you are having difficulties remembering examples of a time when you gave or received unconditional Love – think of a pet. Pets are wonderful examples of Unconditional LOVE. Our pets don’t seek love from us, but rather GIVE Love thoroughly and completely. We may place conditions on their love, but they would never put conditions on giving us their Love. And we have also Given them LOVE; which feels infinitely better than receiving it.

The other problem with receiving Love is that we may not feel worthy of receiving it. We may not Accept that Love Given to us –  freely and unconditionally by Source – and also by others – . However, to GIVE LOVE doesn’t require receiving it. It just feels wonderful to GIVE LOVE. Giving Love is Expansive and all-embracing. It Opens our Heart and allows fears to subside. It gives NO energy to fear at all. We can GIVE Love without Receiving Love. We can LOVE someone even if they don’t Love us back.

I offer this GIFT of LOVE to all of you reading these words. I put my Heart and Soul into what I prepare each month because I LOVE my work. And my work is about Love. And so I am constantly testing myself to see if I am ever giving LOVE with any conditions tied to it. I hope you will Join me on this Incredible Journey of Moving towards a Loving Expansiveness – an Expansiveness that GIVES Love but without conditions or expectations that the Love given will somehow be returned.

Let’s realize in our own day-to-day living that LOVE is an Action and an action that will Evolve our Consciousness towards a fear-free society within the fifth dimension. I believe the Age of Aquarius is the gateway towards the fifth dimension. Certainly having Pluto move from Pisces to Aquarius will free us of the darker aspects of greed and fear. Let’s Celebrate the incredible New Beginning by Giving LOVE. It is Your choice how or to whom we Gift our LOVE to… but I encourage you by saying “Let’s GIVE LOVE to all!”

From my Heart to YOURS ❤️