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What is Intuitive Counseling?

Many people wonder what Intuitive Counseling or what an Intuitive Counselor is. This question comes up because it isn’t very clearly articulated for the public. There are many people who use Intuitive Counseling for psychic or intuitive readings. Some of my clients want a reading for the purpose of knowing what is coming up and this is a wonderful gift to give yourself every once in a while. However most readings don’t assist you to grow and some readings can even create a self-fulfilling prophecy – which has a lot to do with how much power you give to these readings. And sometimes readings can go ‘off’ if the reader/psychic/intuitive is not so clear around their own triggers and maybe have even failed to work on their own triggers.For me: I focus on the ‘counseling’ aspect as I have professional qualifications which include a degree in Social Work, certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and coaching and teaching certification in mBraining. This allows me to combine my professional qualifications with my natural intuitive abilities. I am an empath with both clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing) abilities. Plus with extensive studies, teachings and sacred texts I have learned over 30 different healing modalities and I continue to learn and grow towards love because it is important to me and for the work I do.

However does this answer the question “What is Intuitive Counseling?” Not necessarily. To me intuitive counseling – given by professional intuitive counselors – should be very clear and connected when they provide space for a session. The counselors should not be focused on their own problems but fully present for their clients. This requires the intuitives to have done a lot of work on themselves and to be a clear conduit for connecting to their Higher Selves, Healing Teams, Divine Sparks or Heart of Source for the benefit of the clients. Holding space for others and being able to actively listen is a gift for the clients. Often most people just want to be ‘seen or heard’ for who they truly are! When you can offer this gift people can see for themselves what they may want to change to assist them to evolve towards love.

Who can benefit from an Intuitive Counseling session? Everyone can benefit as such sessions can be helpful to people concerned about their health, wealth, purpose, career, relationships, or their Spiritual Growth. Sometimes we reach a point where we feel depressed or anxious about something occurring in our lives. Or we are looking to change something that is happening or to modify or transmute a pattern that continues to show up in our lives. This is where being able to feel or know your blocks will greatly assist you to be more conscious of your choices and therefore able to take greater responsibility for your life!

Readings are a wonderful gift. However they only offer a snapshot of what is happening right now – with the energy that you currently hold. Meaning, what a reading shows is only what could happen as long as you stay the same. Once you change something, your belief, your fears or what you want, then the outcome will change. Also a reading shows what the future holds but since you now know what the outcome is just knowing it may already change the outcome. Our future is not fixed – it changes with our choices and our evolution – once we shift who we are our whole future changes. An Intuitive Counseling session will focus on what is blocking you from achieving your Dreams. It will assist you to understand what energy is keeping you in the pattern you want to change. And then, as a professional Intuitive Counselor, I can offer you the tools to change what you desire. Please understand that we all change when we are ready! Sometimes no matter how many different teachers or healers we see, until we are truly ready to let go, we probably won’t. Sometimes it is to accept who we are as already being perfect and whole! An Intuitive Counselor who can hold space to See or Hear you for Who you Are will accept you for who you are and see you as perfect and whole! This will allow you to BE your True Essence! And this opportunity to be your True Essence is the value of working with professionally qualified Intuitive Counsellors who have worked on themselves and therefore understand who you really are and can encourage you to accept who you really are because in that acceptance lies the change and the knowing that people want.