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Developing Intuition

This is a visualization meditation, if you can’t visualize, then feel how your body reacts to the meditation, or hear the gentle sound and rhythm of my voice or record this and put your own voice to this meditation (to determine the best way you meditate and use your intuition, please go to test in the Our Intuition section).

After you have done the relaxation meditation or a variation of it to enable you to be relaxed and ready for a meditation then follow these suggestions:

Find a comfortable position, some prefer to lie down, others can only sit or they fall asleep, close your eyes and follow your breathing for 4 breathes.  Now image that a protective bubble of light is making it’s way towards you, make note of the color of this bubble.  And allow the bubble to move around your head and work its way to expand to surround your body.  The light of the bubble makes you feel completely safe and comforted.  Allow the light to permeate your body, beginning with your head, moving down to your toes.  Now let the bubble expand and grow, and begin to depict a landscape within your bubble of light.  I want you to make this landscape in what ever images come to mind, you will likely want to include water of some sort, either a gently moving brook or a lake, to a water fall.  There may be trees, or just meadows.  Are there any mountains in the background?  Now look around and pay attention to the details you are including in your landscape.  Are there animals?  Are there people?  Or are you all alone, filled with light and wonder at this beautiful sight you are creating?

Take a walk along the water you created and follow it until you come to some sort of structure.  Is it a mountain with a cave?  Or a hut, or a magical castle, filled with wonder and beauty?  I want you to enter this structure, and explore its contents.  Within it you will discover a room that is perfect for you, it may have the perfect pillow for sitting on, a fire to warm your bones or a huge crystal to peer at.

I want you to sit down in your perfect, and comfortable place that you created just for you.  Now imagine that within these walls or this structure, you can open yourself up and answer any question you may form.  As you are imagining the wonder of how perfect everything is in the world, and at your disposal is every answer to every question you could ever form, you hear a gentle noise behind you.  When you turn around a Being is there, that fills you with knowing and excitement, because you feel like you know this person and have been waiting for them to come to you.  This person is your very own guide, who has always been with you, but this may be the first time you have met them in this life. This person comes and sits right in front of you and when they do, your eyes meet and there is a knowing and a safeness about them, that you can ask them anything, and they will never judge you, but only offer you perfect guidance and unconditional love.

They ask you to ask them a question, any question you desire.  Take a few minutes and form the question and listen to their response, although, they may just give you love and acceptance, or a feeling of complete joy, or fill your heart with love.  They also have a gift for you, and they hold out their hands to give it.  Once you have asked your question, or filled yourself with their light and love, they do one more thing, they touch your third eye and you feel a powerful jolt of energy seer through your third eye and it feels like it is opening.  For a few moments you just feel the energy within your third eye and know that it has begun to open and will give you the clarity you seek in your life.

You spend a few more quiet moments in your created sacred space, and fill yourself up with love and joy, having received the clarity in your life that you sought.

Once complete, you walk out of the structure, back to where you started and know that this beautiful place is waiting for you, whenever you want to close your eyes and seek it out.  You will have many adventures, and much guidance, as you become a clearer vessel to receive counseling.  You have created a Sacred Space, and it is yours, whenever you need its solitude, peace and clarity.  No visit will be the same, but you will explore this space, and create new spaces or keep the same space knowing that each time you will discover new clarity and continue to develop your intuition, maintain your centerness and learn to consciously create your reality from this dimension to your own world.

Come back feeling refreshed and vitalized, remembering everything that happened.  And when you are ready, record all that happened, so that you can remember and you can frequent your journal entries at future dates to see what has happened in your life.

So Be It.