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What’s Your Motivation?

This past month I did a great interview with Eric Altman on motivation ( To me this is an important piece to look at if we want to understand why we sabotage our own happiness. As you know, my personal journey has been focused on my health for the past couple of years, with the oncoming of Frozen Shoulders, heavy metal poisoning, and the realization that my body became pretty toxic as a result. In some ways it’s been a cosmetic reason, to lose weight but it has also been about having my shoulders functioning again. For too long now I have sabotaged my journey towards health by not doing what I know I need, and this process has dragged on, and in many ways has exasperated my pain.

While Eric and I were discussing what blocks us from attaining our goals, we touched upon an issue that many people have (Eric quoted that it could be as high as 95%). Many of us have an unconscious belief that we don’t want to be here. If it is such a high percentage, no wonder we sabotage out deepest desires! This is especially true when our desire is to be healthy. Up until 3 years ago, I didn’t have any physical distress. However, the chronic pain from both Frozen Shoulders and heavy metal poisoning brought about many changes. And many realizations about choices I’ve made and beliefs I’ve held, including that I didn’t want to be here. As well as decisions that if I were handicapped (chronic pain) I wouldn’t have to support myself. I didn’t have to take my chronic pain to this level or exasperate my condition further, because I realized the choices I was making and began the journey of healing.

Even though my shoulders are almost completely healed, I still continue to sabotage my health, even while I have consciously been focused on my health. And this is why I have continued to discuss it. This is the reason I want to discuss this with you. When you want something and you continue to sabotage your efforts, the place you need to look is your motivation. Conscious or unconscious, there is still a reason that you need to investigate, and discover why you continue to sabotage. Somewhere there is a conflicting motivation or belief that you need to uncover. Are you coming from a place from fear or love? This is critical when exploring your motivation.

Ask yourself if you are truly living? Where are you sabotaging your life? When you think about this life, do you often say you aren’t from here? Or are you looking forward to leaving, believing that the afterlife or your next life will be better? That this life you are being karmically punished?

When it comes to unconscious motivators we must remember that our “choices” come from the present! If we aren’t in the present, then we are reliving our past programming, our fears and our unconscious beliefs. When we are present and grounded, we can make better choices and observe and be more aware of our motivation. Both Eric and I have discussed how to become more grounded and that will allow for better choices (in our show The trouble is that if on some unconscious level we do not want to be here suffering or for whatever reason, our motivation will be to sabotage the efforts of our conscious self who is doing our very best to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Beginning this Support Group with Eric Altman has definitely provided a new network of people to share and dream with. One of the most wonderful parts of being in a support group is that as you receive help and make progress on your journey, you are supporting others in the group on their journey. Likewise, as the other members of the group move forward on the issues they are working on, it helps you heal too! I invite you to share and explore your dreams and what is motivating them with us. If you find that there are certain things that you keep sabotaging, explore why. Discuss and share with a group of like-minded (or like-hearted) people. Find a way to be in charge of your choices and make sure all the parts of you are on board with moving in the same direction. Practice being Present and Grounded. This will assist you to be more aware. However, the most important thing to realize is that you are PERFECT just the way you are! Be Gentle to yourself and accept yourself! This will go a long way to Self-Love and Self-Care, the focus of 2015! And join our Support Group to support your Journey forward!