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Are you Communicating with Integrity?

34This has become quite the topic of conversation recently with me. I am always amazed at how people would rather leave a relationship than communicate and how people talk about others without actually talking to them. I believe this is one of the most fundamental opportunities we can create for ourselves and our spiritual growth. My question posed to you is “are you communicating with integrity?”

Quite recently, I decided that I would create a contract with a potential relationship prospect. Discussing what was negotiable and non-negotiable to creating a successful relationship. Although, not necessarily a successful relationship, what was successful was that I really had to have adult communications and they were quite inspiring and empowering. Feeling vulnerable was quite freeing. I have never seen vulnerability as a weakness, but as a strength, and this was very much coming from a space of acceptance and love.

One of the big things about creating a contract was being very clear about what you truly desire, and what is negotiable and non-negotiable! Often we don’t really think about relationships from this place. And I encourage everyone, whether you are in a relationship or not, to consider what your soul desires from a partnership with another. Integrity and communication was on my non-negotiable list, as it will become even more important in the future. Whatever I need to make me feel safe to be vulnerable is also non-negotiable or at least something that requires a great deal of respect and communication.

One of the big things that this has been brought to my attention is having integrity about what we communicate towards one another. Are you your word? Can you honestly be clear and open while discussing your relationship requirements? I’m no longer going to be okay with not communicating my intentions and desires in a relationship. I want to have adult conversations; it reminds me of the Canadian television show “Being Erica” which I watched on Netflix. I was inspired by the actress Erica because she was being so exposed and vulnerable while communicating with her two serious relationships. I remembered thinking while watching it, that it would be excruciating to be so open. And yet, now I know that this is the only way to enter into and maintain a relationship.

Relationships clearly have become my main theme in my shows, especially with Victoria Lorient-Faibish and Jean Adrienne (maybe that was why I called it News for the Heart?). We have done some pretty inspiring shows lately. I recommend you listen in or go to the archives to hear them. However, in discussing integrity in communication, I encourage you to think about what this means to you.

The other issue that came up in the past month was that people were making decisions for me, and not actually talking with me, but talking about me. How many times has this happened to you? Where a boss, friend or lover has made a decision that affected you, but never discussed it with you? I am no longer okay with this happening in my life. To me, this lacks integrity and adult communication. And to be honest this includes all the time we make judgements and gossip about others, without actually making an attempt to talk with them!

This has become an important decision I have made about how to communicate with integrity. With all the changes that are occurring and support we have with the changes to our planet and the rising of our vibration, I believe that we all have to decide what is negotiable and non-negotiable with who we want to be and become! What is important to you? Take some time to reflect and observe your behaviour in relationship with others. Become conscious of where you are now in your relationships and where you would like to go. The change you seek is at your doorstep – it is time to open the door. Observe what you see with kindness and compassion. Know that you can shift your reality by taking responsibility for what is in your life and in your heart now and open to the possibilities that you dream of for yourself. Dreams really DO come true!