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What are you Resisting?

yogasandThis week I interviewed Daniel Bax who suffered what was potentially a life threatening accident and he has become an inspiration for us all in transforming our lives and overcoming obstacles. He has faced the resistance of his body, mind and spirit through his intense life journey and has excelled beyond anyone’s expectations. However, for most of us we have to be ever vigilant and mindful of where and when resistance is taking over our conscious or more often unconscious thought process.

We all require consistent awareness of our present state of BEing. When we are struggling against doing something (like writing a newsletter, or getting up to go for a walk) we need to uncover what our intention is, where our motivation is and whether our resistance is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. I know what it is like to be depressed and resistant to doing what I know will make me feel better. If I indulge in my depression or my feelings of victimhood or just my low energy, I will not be able to get out of bed. This doesn’t assist me on my life’s purpose or goals. It also doesn’t build up my energy, but keeps it stagnant and doesn’t preclude to my getting any better.

Often our resistance is a gift to understanding what areas of our lives we want to transform to be the best we can be. It may also show us where we are or rather are not and/or how our fears block us. Setting our intentions assists us to be clearer of what we want. When we have resistance we likely have an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual belief that stops us from moving forward. When we have resistance to doing anything, it would benefit us to examine what we are resisting and where the belief is interfering with our intentions. Breathing, as simple as it is, can be the most effective tool we have to opening a pathway through our resistance and change our energetic state. I’m an advocate on BEing vs doing, and often believe that most of our obstacles will occur first at the BEing level. Most of us, from our deepest intention, want to be Happy. That means that no matter what it is we desire, beneath all our desires is the common thread that we just want to be happy. We see a fast car, or a bigger house, or a newer computer as a condition to make us happy. However, happiness comes from within us, not from material or external things. Happiness is an emotional response and can be created from the inside out. So create the intention to BE happy, and let all actions, thoughts, and responses come from our desire to be Happy. If all else fails, when you feel resistance to something, ask yourself what would make you happy right now? Do something to make yourself happy, and then use that emotional response to create the rest of your day.

My other constant belief is that we need to come to a place of acceptance. Sometimes what will make us happy isn’t immediately possible, (like you may want to lose 30-40 pounds right now). We can accept that there is a reason that we are where we are right now, and find a way to be comfortable with where and who you are in this moment. This can be more readily achieved when coming from a state of BEing rather than from berating yourself for being into this state of frustration or depression. We can also look for the gift that what we don’t want is in our lives right now.

Ultimately, it comes down to awareness of our responses to what is happening in our lives and when there are blocks of resistance that prohibits our dreams from being achieved. Learn to BE what it is you desire from within and allow your outside world to reflect your level of BEing. You are ultimately in charge. Instead of focusing on not being where you are, discover the gift that you are offering to yourself with your life the way it is. Now breathe into it and see what opens up to you!