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Are You Ready for New Beginnings?

This month I listened to a teleclass given by Derek Rydall and although, I didn’t get caught up in the hype of his program that has all the answers to Wealth Consciousness, I did really appreciate his main points: the “Great Reversal” when we realize that everything we need is within us and whatever is missing is what we are not giving and the “big betrayal” when the Universe conspires against us when we give our power away to other people or things believing they are the source. In connection with the Great Reversal, I liked what he had to say about the 7 gifts that we are missing:
Giving Away all the “stuff” we continue to keep in our homes, closets or offices are just keeping us stuck! When we give them to others who could use them or just clear away the things we don’t use, we free up so much energy.
Giving Up things that are no longer congruent with who we are (this takes a little more effort on our parts, but basically in the areas that no longer are working for us, we will have an incongruent belief). For example, in financial areas, if you don’t have the money you desire in your life than you have a belief that will not be congruent with your desire- like money is the root of all evil.
Giving In by learning to let go instead of trying to control how, when, and where things must show up. Often with money we believe that it can only show up in very specific ways, employment or the lottery, lol.).
For-Giving because where we haven’t forgiven, we hold emotional, physical, mental and spiritual debt that keeps us stuck where we are.
Giving Forth is where we give who we are to others. It can be done in many ways, financially, tithing, volunteer work, are some examples.
Giving Thanks, as gratitude is always huge part of transforming who we are to who we want to be.
Giving to yourself! This can be the most difficult for us but the most rewarding!

Reflecting on Derek’s message has caused me to rethink new beginnings and where I want to focus my energy. If we continue to do the same things and look for different outcomes, then we are wasting our energy. If we want to make changes and don’t know what we want to do or be, then we are wasting our time. It seems that with the energies that we have been experiencing lately, we are unable to make the changes that we want because of all the retrograde planets delaying our projects. With all the health concerns I’ve been experiencing I have had to be very clear about where I focus my energies. Ultimately I know that my meditation has assisted me the most in keeping me clear and connected, but I haven’t always felt the desire to continue my practices, even though it is very clear that my practice assists in keeping me balanced. Instead I find myself complaining about pain, exhaustion, and eating the wrong foods and not finding the energy or motivation to practice what I need to practice to maintain a healthy balance in my life. I want to blame this on the planetary energies and happenings as well as the extreme cold temperatures we have been experiencing, but I recognize that it is my own self-sabotage and a lack of motivation to make the necessary changes I desire.
Going back to the Great Reversal and Big Betrayal that I spoke about in the beginning of this article, I know that somewhere I am believing that “source” is outside of me (the conditions of the planet and planetary movements, as well as, the extreme temperatures we’ve experienced) and I’m incongruent with my beliefs and what I am trying to attain. I also see that it is my motivation that is off and I want to feel victimized instead of coming from a place of total conviction of who I am and what I know works (my meditation practice). Then I contemplate what my motivation is and what keeps me going. Am I happy? Are there things in my life that I am excited and passionate about? Do I feel supported? How engaged am I in my own life?

People often give up what they need the most, when they need it the most. For me right now that is my meditation practice. Beyond this idea that my self-discipline of doing the right things and finding the right people or modalities for saving the day and making my world a happier and healthier place to exist in, is letting go of the need to figure everything out and to put the pieces of the puzzle together with my head and logic alone. We put so much pressure on ourselves to “solve” the problems that we see in our life instead of allowing ourselves to be, accepting where we are at, BEING GRATEFUL for where we are at and trusting that what and who we need will be available to us when we are able and ready to receive them.

So as the Hope of Spring and with it all the Potential for the Birthing of new life into YOUR life arrives, reach deep into your heart and ask yourself some of these questions I have been asking myself and DECIDE where you want to focus your energy as you birth into Spring.