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Change means Surrender

I talk about control and surrender often. This past month, I had to make some difficult decisions about my work and was even prepared to let go of my home. I had to completely surrender my ego’s control over my life. While opening up and asking for help, from the non-physical and the physical. A […]

Express Your Authenticity, Express Your Soul Essence

We need to learn to express our authenticity, the natural Soul Essence that is us. If we can look deep enough in our hearts, what we all seek is to be loved and accepted for who we are. Unfortunately, many of us were convinced that who we were, was not good enough. As a result, […]

Practices for Receiving the Gentle Guidance of the Soul

When it comes to receiving guidance, especially the gentle guidance of our soul, we all are quite unique. I have expanded my understanding of how our intuition works and therefore our ability to receive information from Soul. There are still the clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient (feeling) and claircognizant (knowing), however, I believe we also can expand […]


We seem to be going through a transition of wanting more conscious love and relationships. We want to create a sacred bond through love, whether through a new relationship or creating a deeper bond in the one we are in. My feelings on this are always the same; to know oneself and begin creating the […]

2011 Choices

Happy New Year 2011! As I sit down to write this, it is New Years Eve, it is lightly raining and 10 degrees Celcius. 2010 has been an interesting year! As I ponder on 2011, I am getting that it can be an easier year for many. The energies are still amping up, we are […]

A Heart’s Way ~ Shift from the Head to the Heart

I would like to invite you to begin to shift from your head to your heart. We are predominantly in our heads most of the time, reflecting the past, and projecting into the future. We distract ourselves with an array of “doings”, from trying to understand ourselves better, to trying to change ourselves, to trying […]

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