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Spring into New Beginnings

I always get excited as we move into Spring. Even though we have had snow this week, I feel change in the air! I feel more empowered and ready to start some new things or to follow through on the goals that I know are for my highest and best interest.

The challenge is to come from a place of Being instead of doing. Instead of feeling the need to fix, change, heal or do something different, I know that what I want must come from a change in my state of Being that is in alignment with my highest good and Soul’s essence.  It must come from a place of Love rather than fear; and from my heart over my head.

However, we typically come from a state of trying to fix, change or do because we don’t understand the difference and because we focus on the problems and things we don’t like in ourselves as well as in others. These reactions are usually met with resistance and eventually frustration. Our patterns of sabotage resurface as we hold the same unconscious beliefs.

Our first priority is to discover what our motivation is. Here is my example. I made a commitment to my health and wellbeing this past week, making 3 decisions to support my Soul’s desire to be healthy. For the first time after making 2 major purchases, I did not doubt my motivation or worry about the decision and cost. Typically, I fret and worry restlessly that I made a bad decision or choice. This is a result of past experiences where I regretted my choice or had been scammed in some way. I also know that when I worry about my choice, my motivation comes from a place of fear. These decisions were motivated for the health of my Being. So, I knew I felt supported.

It may seem like a subtle difference but it makes all the difference in the world. If your motivation is from a place of love, self-love, self-acceptance and appreciation, then you begin to align with your inner and higher powers and these energies all work together to assist you to achieve your goals and create magic. Synchronicities occur that show, you are in alignment with your highest potential.

If instead, you try to manipulate, control, fix, heal and change something from a state of fear, because it isn’t working or because you are upset, angry, frustrated, unhappy or worried about the future, then you recreate the very patterns that created the problem in the first place. When we work from fear, then we are working against ourselves, and resistance and sabotage come into play.

Align with your highest good and Soul essence when you make your choices in life and watch how the world creates magic all around you!