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What NEW ways will you BE EnJOYing 2023

Well the New Year is upon us and even though 2022 was NOT the year we hoped or expected it gives us new meaning to what Ascension is all about. 2020 was supposed to bring us into the 5th dimension but instead – we got COVID-19 and the world stopped.

2022 was to be 2020 2.0 but, for many, including myself – there were frequent challenges to our Spiritual Growth. Sometimes Growth hurts and breaks our hearts. Ascension isn’t always about our personal Dreams coming true. Sometimes, our Journey to Evolve assists in Healing the World of major fear and pain.

I know that 2023 is going to continue the Journey towards our Ascension, although, it promises to be chaotic as a 5 year (2+3 – prior to the turn of the century we used to exclude the first 2 numbers 1+9) often is and as a 7 year (2+0+2+3) it is about curiosity and compassion. The message I received this month is that it is about EnJOYing – which is an active verb and choice. We choose to Bring JOY and EnJOY our life as it is – without feeling like we need to fix, heal or change anything happening around us.

So what does it mean to BE EnJOYing 2023? If we can understand that EnJOYing is an active choice, then we can consciously make an effort to BE JOY no matter what is happening in our lives. Joy is an expression that exudes happiness and Love from within. To EnJOY a year would suggest that we choose to BE happy and loving regardless of whether our outside world is happy and loving.

Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith and trust in the benevolent Universe/God/Goddess that whatever is happening is supposed to. And that not only is there a reason for all the ‘happenings’ occurring in our lives, but that these happenings assist us to Evolve our inner world – in addition, of course, to our outer world. In some cases these happenings may be destined to begin Healing a major core fear – like abandonment or the feeling of BEing alone. And this sense of abandonment and the feeling of being alone pertains not only to ourselves, but also to hundreds of thousands to millions of people on the planet.

At this time in our evolution as a planet – we are at a turning point. We have all been faced with massive destruction (financial, health, relationships etc.) due to a virus that took over the world and divided many into two camps – the first camp being those who followed the authorities – such as the scientific community and the Government – who all used fear to force people into taking a vaccine and the second camp being those who refused to be forced into a decision by others as to what goes into their bodies.

This camp believed that they should be able to have a choice as to whether or not our natural immune system is healthy enough to heal itself. The creation of the two camps resulted in anger and separation throughout the planet in a way that has never been seen before.

We are now faced with a decision and choice: do we accept our choices – regardless of whatever the choice is and whether or not it has the impact we want it to have on our bodies and lives? And, can we EnJOY with confidence that everything is as it should be – regardless of what choices we have made? Or do we allow our outer world to dictate our emotions depending on whether everything is the way we want it or not?  

The problem is that our ‘wants’ come from our Ego and to get everything we want means that we manipulate other people or situations in our lives to enable us to ‘get’ our life the way we want it to be. This is irregardless of how our ‘wants’ impact the world around us and the lives of others. Our ‘wants’ often come from fear and allowing these wants to override others is inconsiderate and disrespectful.

However, if we can accept our choices and allow the Universe to Unfold irregardless of whether it is what we want, then the Universe rewards us with a Gift. This Gift isn’t always something that brings us Joy – and sometimes it brings deep sadness – but it doesn’t bring us Fear or block our Evolution. Sometimes our pain brings awareness and through this awareness – JOY.

You see, Spiritual Growth isn’t always easy or pain free. Sometimes it is a choice we make for the Betterment of mankind … to heal a deeper wound. And to do this we sometimes have to sacrifice to achieve it. This sacrifice doesn’t make us a martyr – but we do receive a Gift for our sacrifice. Seeing the Bigger Picture is often difficult, especially if our ego is involved. Knowing that our sacrifice serves a greater purpose – doesn’t make it any easier.

However, this is about making a Choice to EnJOY our lives regardless of whether our Ego is happy or we get everything we want. When we perceive that we were ‘wronged’ or ‘hurt’ – we are actually choosing to feel this. There are authentic emotions – fear isn’t one of them (unless directly facing danger like a bear or natural disaster). Allowing fear to take over our lives doesn’t bring us a ‘gift’ or help us Evolve.

Choosing to be Happy and to be EnJOYing our lives is a conscious decision and a decision that, remarkably, allows us to see the JOY in life. Do you see the connection here? If we CHOOSE to be Happy and to EnJOY life … we can SEE the JOY in life. We have the choice. Simple, right?  

If you could have anything in 2023, what would you choose? A couple of months ago, I wrote about Living Your Best Life and then last month I wrote about Surrendering to the Holidays and Reliving the Magic and these are incredibly important to our Evolution and fulfillment in life. Joy is an expression that Opens the Heart and allows for a greater opportunity to experience a life well-lived. Joy gives, it doesn’t take. EnJOYing our life is choosing to BE in JOY and share that JOY with whomever you meet and in whatever situation you find yourself in.

I want to have a life that chooses EnJOYment over fear. I want a life where I’m EnJOYing it fully. To BE this – is a conscious choice and one that deepens our inner awareness about what is real and what is perceived. Perception is always tricky because it comes from our fears, experiences and beliefs. A hundred people can view a situation and can interpret or perceive it through their own filters a hundred different ways.

Even truth can be interpreted. BEing authentic isn’t always easy either because often we are trying to ‘please’ or make someone else happy. EnJOYing life doesn’t mean trying to please someone or make someone else approve of us. BEing authentic is accepting everything that happens in our life – without judgement – and EnJOYing it – regardless – because we CHOOSE to.

So, what do you choose? How do you want to experience 2023? Do you want your Ego to choose? Or do you want to BE authentic and EnJOY each choice regardless of whether it makes you happy or sad? I know that – for me – I want to Authentically choose to EnJOY everything in my life. I also know that this won’t always be easy!! My Spiritual Growth is aimed towards EnJOYing my BEST Life.

I know I will still be sad occasionally. I also know that my Happiness comes from within and that the choices I have EmPower me. Instead of seeing failure when I get caught in fear, I will make another choice to EnJOY whatever comes my way. I am looking forward to the Journey of 2023. Join me in choosing how to respond to 2023 instead of reacting to it. From my Heart to Yours…❤️ Happy New Year!