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Unconditional Love, Kindness and Compassion

It is family day here in Toronto as I write this which is February 21 this year. On March 1st we will officially no longer have a vaccine passport in our country. And we have the ‘winter stations’ – a beautiful series of art installation, here on the beach in Toronto. One of the new ‘stations’ is titled “One Canada” – a lovely thought even though we are far from being a One Canada! Instead we have a country divided. So divided that our Prime Minister declared an Emergency Act (formally called War Measures Act). That’s right, we, our government, our country declared war on a peaceful demonstration of the Freedom Convoy composed of thousands of truck drivers from across our nation … almost 5,800 miles – over 9,300 kilometers – across and many thousands of non-vehicles protesters – all asking for an end to all mandates related to Covid and the Covid vaccines. They were speaking on behalf of ALL Canadians (and inspired the World) seeking an end to divisive mandates. They did more in two weeks unifying the country then the government did in two years. The Media would have you believe that it wasn’t peaceful but people who were there shared a different ‘reality’ than the Main Stream. Most who were there said that everything was very peaceful UNTIL the police and other unidentified military-types responded to the direction our Prime Minister wanted. However, I am not here to argue about what happened – I am here to say that if we want to move forward and leave the past two years behind, we need to Let GO of the division that has been created.

It doesn’t matter which choice you made for whatever side of the various arguments that were taking place across the country and it doesn’t matter whether you chose to vaccinate or not (in an interview with Tom Campbell, he stated that the issues are just the details, not the cause. The cause is the Fear that has been manipulated in the Information Age.) – what matters is that we STOP the hate and segregation. It is time to heal! We may never have ‘normal’ again – and maybe that is a good thing, but we are forgetting that only through LOVE, kindness and Compassion can we Grow UP!

Love, Kindness and Compassion are a choice. Growing Up is also a choice. Over these past Two Years I have seen a lot of pain and anger – thoughts and feelings that have led to Hate and Segregation of a country that used to be Beautiful and more Unified. This has allowed the Darkness of this world to have a stronger hold on our evolution as a planet and as individuals. The Fear that has been propagated has been overwhelming and at times all encompassing. As an empath and Sensitive I have felt the turmoil and North America – The United States, Canada, and Mexico – have all paid a dear price. And not just here but around the world. It has brought many to devolve their consciousness into pettiness and judgment. Until we each become aware of what this Fear has created – we won’t be part of the solution. Sadly, we will be part of the ever-increasing problem.

Let’s talk about Love, Kindness and Compassion: We can’t do Grow Up while in any other emotion. Fear, Anger, Frustration, Pain – this keeps us unclear and tied to lower emotions. This state of Fear allows the Dark to take root and establish even deeper patterns of untrust, anger and yes, even more fear.

Love is unconditional – we hear this all the time – but do we understand what unconditional means? Unconditional means that we have no agenda, no expectations, no needs – unconditional means we GIVE LOVE period. Unconditional Love isn’t about receiving – it isn’t about meeting our needs (whatever that may look like – often we believe our needs are important – respect, financial security, fidelity, safety etc.). These things may mean something to you but what they show, really, are your triggers – and they are NOT Love – they are need.

Need isn’t Love. The needs we have – no matter what they are – sometimes offered by others that evoke in us nice-feeling emotional responses like having people respect us, establish patterns of commitment, in agreement with us, and giving us their undivided attention (as in “I am number 1”) – these can all be important – but they are important to our personal growth because they are patterns that were established from our childhoods that we ‘believed’ were important but they are really based on our fears – our fears of NOT having these so-called ‘needed’ aspects because of the nice feelings our emotions feed to us. These needs are NOT about the person you are in a relationship with another (or about our country and or the neighbors we live beside) – but rather, these are what you have to Let Go of in order to Grow Up and give real Love to someone or something. And just like that: the conditions are removed. And so we can explore, for ourselves, what our Life can be with Unconditional Love.

So what would Unconditional Love look like? Unconditional Love is Giving – not receiving. We all have expectations and needs, we all have preferences and wants. It is part of our Human Experience to – well be Human. However, when it comes to Love – all of what we want has nothing to do with Love. Giving is LOVE. This doesn’t mean to become a doormat – which when we talk about this someone will always bring up examples of having been walked all over by someone because they Gave them everything. The problem with this scenario is that it wasn’t “given” freely – there were expectations attached when they Gave Everything – because, so the thinking goes: when I give everything to the other person then the person would Love me in return. Those who thought they gave everything would believe that they had done everything ‘right’ and still not be happy. And sometimes, of course, the other person would still leave the relationship. So ‘giving’ for the sake of keeping a relationship together, for example, is actually Fear – not LOVE. This ‘giving’ is CONDITIONAL: If I give then they will love me and stay. THAT is the formula for a conditional statement: IF ‘x’ THEN ‘y’. It doesn’t work for Love.

Love is Given Freely – it means we have no expectations of what we need – as an individual, as a country, and as a world. We have forgotten that we should give Love, Kindness and Compassion to others and be happy and content in doing this because this is truly Love. And it is all done “in the moment”. Love without conditions.

These past 2 years have all but changed the way we connect with others. In the beginning it felt like we joined together and there was more Love, Kindness and Compassion than ever – but that didn’t continue – the Darkness and Fear started to override the Love. And this past year – everyone made certain choices about their own bodies and were judged on what they wanted for their own bodies. The hate was perpetuated and nurtured through the Media. Lies were established and the sheeple (love that word it was the favorite part of the new Matrix movie from Neil Patrick Harris) followed whatever the Media fed them – devouring the lies as truth. As a result we stopped the Love and instead we judged what was right and wrong because our Media, Government and Health System dictated to us what was ‘right’ and those who wouldn’t just follow their demands or commands were somehow the problem – and even the cause of the ‘dis-ease’ that took over the world.

Here we are – a continent divided and in pain. We are not the only one. We have forgotten what we learned at the beginning of the pandemic – that Love, Compassion and Kindness brought us together. We had a common threat – which was called a virus – and we joined together to help one another. It is like the movies about aliens trying to take over our world – and the humans come together as a species to fix the problem. We humans, at least according to these movies, Unite together against the threat. Two years later, in our world that doesn’t seem to be taken over by aliens,  our threat has a new name and we no longer can choose what used to be a common choice – allowing our bodies to naturally heal or choosing to inject our bodies with what is called a vaccine – unlike any vaccine that has ever been produced. But we are to trust the Drug Companies who created these medical treatments that are supposed to keep us healthy (but rather allowed them to make Billions of Dollars). And within the current threat we have been told that the measures offered two years ago to stop the spread of the disease, was now not enough and apparently, somehow, these safety measures have deepened the problem or, perhaps, even created a whole new set of problems. Those who were unvaccinated suddenly became the threat. Everyone has someone to ‘blame’ for the spread of the covid ‘virus’. Except, in all this blame and with a seeming lack of Love, we aren’t looking at the facts and, instead, we are being manipulated and divided. We are being told what to believe and who to blame.

It is time to come back to Love, Compassion and Kindness. It doesn’t matter what choice you made at any time during the past two years. And yes, some of us may have changed our choices along the way. That’s okay. But even so: We don’t know the outcome of our choices. No one knows what will happen over the next few years. And that is okay. Because the Hate, Anger and Justification needs to END NOW! We need to find our Compassion for one another and the choices made or not made by others. We have no right to judge another for their choices or lack of choices. And we certainly don’t need violent or oppressive thoughts toward those who have a different viewpoint from ourselves. No. We need compassion – we made a choice (whether manipulated, forced or chosen through Fear or Love) and our choice, we figured, was in our Best Interest at the time. We have no right to decide what another person does – let alone judge them for it or become violently opposed to them. Many people may have been hurt by their decision – but they made a decision that was right for them at the time. Let’s let Go of needing to judge others because it ISN’T what we did or it IS what we did. Judgment is just Fear, a powerful, telltale property of Fear. Compassion is knowing that everything will be perfect no matter what.

And if that ‘no matter what’ includes ‘death’ then death it will be. There is no reason to even Fear death: Death isn’t an ending – it is a transition.

So: We have to accept the consequences of our choices and know we made the best choice for us.

And then comes the Unconditional Love: Unconditional Love for our fellow journeyers, Compassion for any choices that they made and, in return, we offer Kindness to those in pain, anger and/or hatred. That Kindness will bring us back into the Light again.

This year, 2022, holds so many promises and potential for true evolution – no matter what choices any of us have made. It is time to take a step towards Freeing ourselves from the Fear that has gripped us for the past 2 years. It is time to shine our light and BE Love, have Compassion and Kindness towards our fellow journeyers. We are all together on this tiny planet: at least ‘tiny’ in comparison to what we see in the sky beyond us. And we are all here to Grow and Evolve towards Love. Let’s take the steps over the next few months to Open ourselves again to LOVE. Let’s step together and Find JOY through Letting Go of the Fear. We are ready for the next step. We are ready to Remember LOVE and Who we truly are – Spirit having a Human Experience. Let’s LOVE together. And be Kind to all we meet along the way.