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NFTH: talks with Tom Campbell on Positivity to the Bigger Picture

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Positivity in the Bigger Picture. We discussed how it is time to Let GO of all the Fear that has been growing over the past couple of years. Tom shared that the Information Age that began in the last 50+ years with the Internet being the biggest problem as people are using it to manipulate and control us through fear. Never before have so many people been able to influence us since the Information Age (beginning with Radio then TV and now the Internet) and they do this primarily through sensationalism and fear. The more sensational it is, the more fearful it makes us – the bigger the following these people get on Social Media. Truth doesn’t seem to be a factor in this Information Age – it is the sensationalism that creates the most fear that brings the most power. And if we get angry, fight, frustrated we are part of the problem and it continues. Unless we can let go and BE Love, Grow Up – BE positive instead of focusing on all the problems. When you are part of the problem then it is all about Ego. The Fear that is part of the Internet is all about Ego. We can do this and BE this. We are ready to BE the Change. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!