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The Rules of the Game

Recently, I’ve had a series of shows with Tom Campbell on consciousness. During our last 2 shows (please see his page) he has said some things that I believed to be quite profound. To understand his analogy think about a computer game like Sims or World of Warcraft where our consciousness is the person who has the mouse or controls that are making the choices within the virtual reality. It is our choices that determine whether we are evolving or not. When we become so invested in the game and what we perceive as our “story”, which we use to justify our fear and our ego, (please see last month’s article) we begin to identify ourselves as the game.  We forget who we really are.

tranquil-lakeWe get so caught up in our story that we put all of our energy on fixing, manipulating, or trying to control the game in our search for happiness; that we may miss the very reason we are here at this time, in this human experience. We are here to evolve! Evolution occurs when we make choices from a state of Being that is love not fear. All the stories we create around justifying our choices that are not love, move us away from the “rules of the game”, which is our freewill to make choices that allow us to evolve our consciousness or not!

We are in a Virtual Reality and realizing this is how we can fast track to evolve our consciousness. When we learn to make choices from Love not fear, than our choices create more love through our compassion and caring for others, and we are evolving our consciousness. We all know that it doesn’t always feel like a choice, but that is just our ego needing to justify itself or our choices (why we are “right”, why we can get frustrated or angry etc.). It is important still to be authentic and allow our emotions to be felt, however, once we have our initial reaction in the now moment, we must be vigilant to not add to the story of why we felt our initial reaction. Just ask yourself how can I come from a state of Love now?

It takes time to learn to catch ourselves in the act of creating a story around a situation. Once the story is there, we need to fully see our story, where it came from and begin to let it go. Letting go is easier said than done, but it is essential to allowing us to come from a state of Love. After you have mastered and embraced making a choice from a State of Love, we still have more to let go of! We must then let go of all expectations and any need to see the “outcome” of our loving choice.

This is where timing is so important. Time is a “virtual reality” concept, and not a part of consciousness. We need to really want to make our choices from a state of Love instead of fear because that is how we evolve our consciousness, not because it will make our “outside” world better. Our outside world is just part of the game. How much money or accumulation of conveniences is not the focus. Our focus is on whether you are making a difference (through loving choices you make) and if you can enjoy the game. (This focus came from a crystal child in the book “Communication with Children of Now” by Meg Blackburn Losey.) We have to let go of the desire to manipulate the game or have the game meet our timing preferences. We also need to let go of the “happenings” within the game and just focus on our choices.

I guess it is important to remember what the Rules of the Game are and not to focus on the Game, just enjoy it!