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The Stories we Weave

This is one of the most important topics to date. Many people talk about changing our stories, yet, what are these stories. They are what we tell ourselves when something happens that we feel is personal. Like I’m stupid, I’m always abandoned, I’m sad, unhappy, and lonely… you get the idea (story). Our initial reaction is authentic. We may feel frustrated, angry, excited, anxious, or a variety of emotions that are valid. However, it is after our initial response that we have the choice to choose how to respond next. This is the time when a story is either validated or created from our past experiences. As many ancient wisdom teachings suggest, all events are neutral, it is our choice to come from a conscious choosing of our response or adding to our story and letting our unconscious reaction hold us prisoner.

teacher-reading-storyThis is an important distinction, knowing that our initial reaction is unconscious and valid; we then have the opportunity to evolve our consciousness by choosing to rewrite our story. Seeing the event as neutral and allowing ourselves the opportunity to view what happens as just something that happens and it is NOT personal to us. It isn’t about what someone else has done to us or that they are trying to hurt us, it is just an event. We can now choose to accept our initial reaction and be gentle to ourselves by knowing that it is perfectly authentic to express emotions. Every emotion is necessary and has a natural movement of energy that is beneficial to us. Anger expressed authentically can get us moving towards a powerful action, especially if we are in a depressed state.

However, if it builds upon our “story” of I’m angry because this always happens to me and we give the anger a story to hold onto, then we get stuck in the story of what happened to us. Yet, we always have another opportunity to make another choice.

If we can give ourselves the opportunity to feel and express our initial emotion of anger and then examine what happened, we can then make a conscious choice to grow our consciousness and change our neural pathways and create new ones. The most effective and simplest way I have found to do this is through using mBrainng. It shows us how to come from our “highest expressions” of our multiple brains and create new neural pathways so that we can change our story forever.  Then our stories become forever changed and our old storylines can no longer imprison us.

When our head, heart and gut brains are aligned and working together, we can come from a congruent place and entrain our hearts to radiate a powerful vibration and magnetize to us our deepest desires. Once aligned, they offer us the opportunity to become empowered and come from compassion, creativity and courage to follow our dreams instead of being led by our stories.

Let’s stop weaving “stories” and change the world beginning with our own!