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Power of the Heart

The Secrets to unlocking your dreams – Soul Speak Season 6

Are you living your FULL POTENTIAL or are you uncomfortable in your comfort? Ever wonder how those experts you know and love are living their dreams life? They make it seem so easy… If you’re like me, you’re seeking greater happiness, a more accepting, loving relationship with yourself, ending self-sabotage and self-limitation, fulfilling your purpose […]

News For The Heart: Laurie Huston & Jean Adrienne talk about Realities of Creation Book Release!

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with Jean Adrienne Miller on Realities of Creation book release!! We spoke with Jean Adrienne ~ Creating with DNA And RNA, Leslie Amerson ~ Emotional Mastery ~ Emotional Freedom, Julia Griffin~ Creating From Your True Self through the Wolves, Maureen St. Germain – Creating With Sacred Geometry […]

Realities of Creation | New Book

Realities of Creation Our New Book released on May 1st, 2016! “The Realities of Creation offers fresh . . . and differing . . . insights into the creation process. It opens up a world of all possibilities and addresses all perspectives. If you don’t get it in one chapter, you’ll get it in another!”— […]

Do you know the Power of Your Heart?

We have all heard sayings such as Home is where the Heart is and Follow your Heart. One of my favorite quotes is: “Our Heart carries the wings of our dreams and the desire to realize them” by Fernando Soave. The heart has the power to deliver our dreams and has been the focus of […]