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News for the Heart: Tracy McBurney: Grief to BEing

Laurie Huston from News for the Heart is talking with Tracy McBurney where we began this show with Grief due to her puppy passing.

This was a show that discussed a series of different thoughts as we went through the interview. We went from Grief to Joy, Barbie Movie, Responsibility and BEing versus Doing to Grateful that we are always BEing Revealed to ourselves.

We discussed how we want to Find our Joy and what that might lead to. As our world is changing, we all are contemplating what else or what to shift to. And whether we make the change from a BEing place or Doing. This brought up the Secret Movie as well as whether we come from a feeling versus just getting something by doing something.

Doing may not bring you to a place of Joy but more of what we had. We ended this with Being Grateful for the fact that we are always Being Revealed to ourselves. This means we are This was another Powerful Show with Tracy McBurney! Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

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