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Fear and Health

As we move towards our Canadian Thanksgiving I contemplate all that I am thankful for: a sustaining and incredibly fulfilling career that I love; a home that is nurturing and holds many wonderful memories; great friends and family; and my beautiful and crazy Angel – my fur baby. I feel overwhelmingly Blessed!! The one area that still eludes me though is my health and well-being.

I have made such great strides over the last few years, especially this past year. Thanks – partially to my Carrot App (which is now discontinued thanks mostly to our Ontario elected Premier) that rewarded me with points towards movies and entertainment – I walked over 100 straight days of walking heading into this New Year. And then I continued my walking again in February – after I ended my streak on my trip to Europe – and have been going straight through – now at 230 days beginning in October. That is over 7.5 months and I’m still increasing my daily steps and feeling much more at ease and have much more energy. The beginning of the year I received a statement that I am walking more than 80% of Canadians? Which honestly shocked me since I definitely still feel like I need to do more to feel better. However I am grateful that my health is improving with each step.

So, YES I am feeling better and know I have more energy than the same time last year – I’m walking more than triple each day what I was doing last year at this time. I’m moving every hour – given that my Fitbit reminds me to move. I’m less achy than I was – my back and hips are not as stressed – although my shoulders and neck still aren’t as fluid as I would like them to be. This shoulder and neck situation can create issues while I sleep but my Fitbit also helps me identify my sleep patterns and quality of sleep I am getting each night. There is even this fascinating sleep quiz to discover your Chronotype (sleep animal) – no surprise to me: I’m a Bear.

Even with all of these improvements I feel I have a long way to go. Or maybe a short way to Freedom through finding my motivation to achieve my dreams. But what is stopping me from the ‘short way’? Is there something that is stopping me?

I certainly find diet to be the most fascinating area that continues to sabotage my efforts at achieving optimal health and well-being. I have discovered these past few years just how important diet is. Even more than exercise when it comes to my health, although, I once I have improved my daily steps I feel much better. I’ve seen firsthand how eating sugar and carbohydrates create an imbalance. And I feel like each day is another day closer for me to understand the great mysteries of the body and health. Yet it is also confusing – we have the high fat Keto diet which scientifically appears sound and then the Bright Line diet that holds similar beliefs around processed foods, sugar and simple carbohydrates – but can be difficult to sustain indefinitely. However each diet program – including the alkaline diet and Whole 30 – has important messages about diet and how the body responds to dieting. Each program shares tips on how important food is to our wellbeing; specifically about whole foods vs processed, sugar being addictive and other messages that are specific to what the authors have learned on their journey about food, emotions and will power.

Now you may wonder why I chose my title as, Fear and Health when I’ve been discussing food and Diet? There is some confusion around diet and its power to heal. Maybe I am sabotaging myself in my journey to optimal health through the eating of food without the right awareness to effect the change I want. And why would I sabotage something that I want so much? Do I actually have some fear around this that makes me want to sabotage myself so that I have something or someone to blame rather than my own successful (or not) approach to dieting? Am I – or could I actually be – fearful of attaining that optimal health?

I will have completed a show with Tom Campbell on this topic – before this newsletter comes out. How does fear relate to our health? We have all seen the devastation of ‘dis-ease’ that stems from stress and fear. We all know how cancer has become an epidemic – especially recently. Too many people who are pioneers in the Spiritual Community have left us too early. Diabetes, heart disease, strokes, pulmonary obstructions and disease, Alzheimer’s and many more – are all linked to our diet and stress. We see it – we know it – and yet we still sabotage ourselves.

Our emotions created from patterns and Ego have debilitated us through Fear. If our fears didn’t have such a detrimental impact on our health we might never have the courage to push ourselves to understand ourselves better. Unfortunately we know that even if we identify the causes of our ‘dis-ease’ we may not heal from the experience. Healing, it is our understanding, would typically occur due to a ‘bigger picture’ we are unable to see.

Yet facing and overcoming our fears still leaves us with a satisfying sense of ‘freedom’ and gives expansion to our awareness of our Consciousness. We continue to create opportunities to Grow Up. And that is the Goal and Purpose of each life.

For me Pain has been a motivation to find answers – Abandonment was more of an emotional pain that was responsible for me beginning this journey. The physical pain of Frozen Shoulders and hormonal imbalance coming from perimenopause and – before that Heavy Metal Poisoning – all contributed to make me look more closely at what was sabotaging my health and these all have continued to push me seek answers. I know that we can have it all! I know that we are meant to Live Life to the Fullest. Addiction, Ego and our mental wellbeing seem to sabotage those efforts – however maybe they are the catalyst of change instead.

Each direction I go allows me to continue the Exceptional Life I am living. It allows me to go deeper, seek more answers and Evolve my Consciousness. To the point now that I look forward to what I can uncover about the mysteries of this world. I hope you can join me in appreciating every aspect of our adventure towards Love. Happy Thanksgiving!