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Clearing for Selling Real Estate

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Selling A Home

What makes a living space uncomfortable to be in? What makes it so difficult to sell some homes? Consider an accumulation of negative energies. We are constantly creating energy connections around us by our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. Whether they represent intimate connections, financial troubles or relationship problems these energies bind us together and shape what we call our home. Other people entering the space are able to sense them, and they often make the home feel heavy, full, oppressive and generally uninviting. Someone may want to buy a house – but not the lingering energies of someone else’s home. Whether you’re having trouble selling, or looking to raise its value, house clearings can improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically! Ask your real estate agent about getting an energetic clearing of your house before you put it on the market. If you’re building new, clear the land of any legacy energy, just as you would any other ‘toxic’ waste, before putting up your house.

Clearing for Selling Real Estates

This is conditional on the size of the home being sold and the energy required to clear it. Each home is quite unique and I would need to meditate and send you an estimate of what work would be required. Please contact me, indicating the size in square feet, the number of rooms there are including basement, bathrooms and any crawl spaces, and on why you are requesting it to be cleared. I will also require floor plans or hand drawn facsimile of each floor, indicating where there are windows, doors, mirrors and fireplaces.

Please Contact me if you are interested in an estimate.


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