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Why you might want a House Clearing and Blessing

It isn’t just the economic times, market correction or interest rates that impacts home sales.

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like something was wrong? Perhaps you felt the air was thick, as if you could almost feel an argument that occurred there many hours earlier? Do you sometimes walk into a house that feels ‘off?’ It’s a place where you start to feel anxious and can’t wait to leave. Maybe you’ve somehow sensed a room in your own home just doesn’t feel the same as the rest of the house, causing you to avoid it.

These are signs indicating that a home may need to be cleared and blessed. House blessings are widely accepted and offered through many religious and spiritual groups today. In fact, there seems to be an upsurge of people buying St. Joseph statues; people have recognized the need for blessing, and have bought the plastic statue (over the internet or otherwise), then buried it upside down in their front garden before entering the house. Even though prayer, meditation and intent can assist greatly in the blessing and clearing of a home, if you don’t know what to do, or how to do it, the effects will be greatly diminished. A professional house-clearer and blesser knows what to do, and can assist in preparing your house to be sold – even during tough economical times.

Dr. Masaru Emoto provides scientific proof of how what we think manifests in the physical world through an experiment that uses molecules of water. His book, “The Hidden Messages of Water,” continues to receive critical acclaim and much acknowledgment around the world, and his work was used in the film What the Bleep do we Know? .

What puts Dr. Emoto at the forefront in the study of water is his scientific proof that thoughts and feelings affect physical reality. By producing different focused intentions through written and spoken words, and literally presenting these to the same water samples, the water changes its appearance. He took microscopic photos of frozen water molecules after taping the words “You make me sick”, compared to the phrase “love and gratitude” (among many others). What the frozen molecules showed was that our negative thoughts and feelings do not create a crystal snowflake-like pattern as positive thoughts produce, but rather show incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. If our thoughts and emotions can impact water so dramatically, what do you think they do to our bodies?

So what does this prove and what does it have to do with our homes? Our bodies have an energy-field, and this energy-field holds our thoughts, our emotions and our intentions. The movie The Secret explores the Law of Attraction and the effect that our thoughts and beliefs have on our reality. Our energy-field can be quite extensive and extend farther out from our bodies than we realize. Have you ever driven home, completely absorbed in your thoughts and experiences? Maybe you’ve been so caught up in your thoughts, you aren’t even sure how you got home. This is a perfect example of how we are often living unconsciously. Now think of road rage; we are just driving a long, feeling fine, when we get cut off, or are put behind a very slow-moving vehicle. This situation often creates anger and frustration, the sorts of things that aren’t normally part of your everyday activity or emotional state. This is owing to the fact that in a populous city, our energy gets mixed with that of others, and as we are unconsciously driving around, we may enter into a situation or area where road rage occurred moments – or even hours – before. We get caught up in the energy of someone else, or in the energy of road rage itself. Consider your work environment: if your work area has many employees, it will hold many different energies, emotions and thoughts. We can feel the grief of a friend or colleague when someone has just passed away, or the anger and frustration when someone has been fired or had a spousal fight that morning.

If someone who projects their thoughts and emotions into a glass of water can impact a water molecule, consider how all of our thoughts and emotions have been building up within our homes. Now lets take into account our current economical crisis that is not just North American, but global. Think about how this energy is being compounded dramatically. We have a lot of homes right now experiencing the effects of this anxiety and fear.

Along with financial considerations, homes can hold other negative energies to things that may have been building for quite some time. Divorce is an energy that is full of emotion and impacts the way you feel and think. A difficult financial situation can create a lot of anxiety both individually, and as a family. What about all of the thoughts and emotions of the home’s past owners? Sometimes there are other energies that may haunt a home too.

It’s equally worth understanding that there are energy lay lines (which some refer to as geopathic stress) that intensify emotions and create an unstable and fluctuating energy. In the Beach area of Toronto, there is an underground water flow that when it flows under a home, can increase the intensities of emotions expressed there. Similarly, earth lay lines connected to the magnetics of a geographical area, air lay lines, that seem to be from air plane routes and even fire lay lines when your home is built near an active or inactive volcano can impact your emotions or cause unstable and fluctuating energy. All of these problems can be balanced and cleared.

Our homes are meant to be our safe haven. To bring peace and comfort after a long day at the office. Yet we may be contributing to the build up of negative energy by not being able to let go of our daily stressors and clear and balance our own energy on a daily basis. People are like sponges. As each sponge can hold only so much water and then reaches a point of saturation, every person can hold only so much of negative energy or thoughts. After the saturation point is reached, the excess energy must flow somewhere. Where does the energy go? Into our house!

A house blessing and clearing can help to eliminate the build-up of the these emotions and thoughts. Some people have been trained to connect with these energies, and release them into the cosmos. This can be necessary during stressful economic times such as these, because when a potential home buyer walks into a home, they are looking for the feeling of comfort a home brings. The decision to buy a home often rests on how it makes a person feel. Having a house blessed will ensure that your potential buyer is thinking about how great a home they can make out of this house.

For more information on getting your home cleared refer back to my Services on Home Clearings.