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A New Kind of Gentle Kindness


Since March 13th we have been part of A New Normal and as much as we are ready for this to end are we are actually ready yet? Are we ready for a world that is changing to a New ‘Kind’ of Gentle and Kindness?

 Every day we see new posts about Conspiracies and Anger around how the Governments are controlling us by manipulating us through fear. My last Blog talked about A Brave New Normal and how we aren’t just sharing a world of people but also a world of our animals and all the elements of this planet. And in this recent time we have seen some healing from the ravages of our world’s pollution problems. We are also finding kindness and a gentler way of Being. This is the message we need to find in this New Normal. We should always remember what we lost but we have to let go of what hasn’t been working. We all seem to be holding onto the past. We want things to return to ‘normal’ – the ‘normal’ we thought we had before. It’s time to let go!

It’s so easy to lay blame and get upset that our lives aren’t the same as last year but what we have to understand is that everything that has happened has happened for a reason. And WE are that reason. We are being pushed to Grow Up and take responsibility for the results of our disregarding of all the problems within our world. And there are many problems – Greed, Pollution, Poverty, Disease (ironically our dis-ease has been highlighted by a disease) – all another name for Fear. We must be ready to shift into a New Kind of Gentle & Kindness. I have faith that we are ready!

What do we need to open up to experience the New Kind of Gentle & Kindness?

  • Conscious Awareness: The first part would be about Becoming aware of everything around us. Most of our lives we feign to forget who we are and why we are here. Our purpose is to Grow Up. We can find passions that guide our Soul and enforce our Gifts in what we do. Our passions are what make our life easier and more joyful but they do not fulfill our purpose. Growing Up means Living from a place of Love over fear. And Love is given. Instead of just GIVING Love we instead put all of these conditions on love and that creation of ‘conditions’ is NOT Love. Conditions are Fear. We are conditioned to react from a place of fear – core fears of abandonment, unworthiness, unlovableness, failure, loss, and the unknown. At this point we often don’t even know what the underlying reasons are for any of the choices we make. Since Love is Given; then it is done through Kindness and honoring each person unconditionally. It isn’t about what I can get from the relationship but what I can Give. That is Love and my hope is that our forced time out over the past 3-4 months has allowed us to BE more Gentle and Kind to ourselves, our fellow Beings and the World as we know it. And how might we do this? Becoming more aware through our Breath is important.
  • Conscious Breath: When we feel ourselves move from a place of peace we can bring ourself back through our Breath. Conscious Breathing is exactly what it sounds; we breathe consciously. It is known for centuries if not millennia that our breathing is part of our consciousness – controlling whether we are in control of our body and its conscious emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self. It becomes a problem because breathing is unconscious due to it being a part of the reptilian mind’s ability. However, if we learn to breathe more consciously, then we can take an active role in how we feel and respond to our surroundings. We may not be in control of what happens around us but we can be in charge of how we respond to what is happening. Even if we are in fear, if we consciously learn to breathe into our fears, we can be in charge of our choices in each situation we encounter. Our first instinct may be to react out of fear – also a role of our reptilian brain – however, our conscious, deliberate breath can allow us to move beyond the oldest part of our brain and allow us to have a choice. The question is do we choose to remain in fear or do we choose a New Kind of Kindness? Can we consciously choose to Grow Up and move towards giving Love or do we unconsciously choose to de-evolve into more fear? Consciousness happens now, in the moment, as we think about it.
  • Conscious Now Moment: All conscious choices are made in the Now Moment. Unconscious choices are made by experiences from our past or worrying about our future. These choices are confused by fear through past experiences, beliefs, habits and our Story. We unconsciously react and this will add and reinforce our story. Once we Become Aware and Consciously Breathe we enter into the Now Moment and we can use the Now Moment to choose how we respond instead of automatically react. We can’t change what is happening but we CAN become in charge of our response. We won’t ever be in control of our all of our responses because it is instinctual that our reptilian brain reacts automatically to situations happening around us. However, once we are in the Now Moment, we can make a conscious choice to respond instead of react. This is how we can choose to Evolve towards Love. So let’s enter into a New Kind of Kindness – by being Gentle and Kind to the World around us.

Now is the time to bring change to the World. To go backwards now would be a detriment to all the good that is going on with the changes that have already occurred with the unexpected arrival of this pandemic situation. It truly doesn’t matter who is to blame or who the conspirators are – what matters is our choices. The old world rule is changing and a Brave New Normal is Becoming. Let’s allow this New Kind of Kindness to expand our consciousness and rewrite the wrongs to make this World worth saving for eons to come. Let’s Evolve our Consciousness and Become Kinder and Gentler – unconditionally Loving. Join me into as we move into this new era. With Love and an Open Heart…