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A Brave New Normal

As I write this it is Earth Day – and what a new world we live in. A close friend captured a photo of a foxes – a mom and her kits – just playing on the beach in my area of Toronto with their den under the boardwalk. This would never have happened under normal circumstances. We don’t have any reference for all the changes occurring in our world right now. And I don’t think anyone could have predicted this turn of events, nor the long term effects that may occur. Life as we know it – is different now. We have spent the past 40 days in isolation – going out briefly to get supplies and possibly a short walk. We have never experienced the opportunities presenting themselves today. Most of us have nothing to ‘do’ – business as usual has changed. We have more free time to ponder our lives and what we want to BE. Work has shifted to waiting for the world to begin again or return to normal.

The question is: what will become our New Normal? When will this New Normal – this Brave New Normal – restart? Will we take for granted all the changes and retreat to what we thought was ‘normal’ by holding onto our old way of doing things? Or will take this time, since we have indefinite time available to us now, and make changes to our New Normal – at the very least our Inner New Normal? What will this New Normal look like? Are handshakes a thing of the past? Will we selfishly continue to pander to our world by continuing the habits of the past? In these past few days our world has shifted to accommodate others – like our family of foxes above; the world is healing and becoming cleaner. Our air is becoming less polluted. Our waters are showing more life in areas that were considered dying and contaminated. Can we sustain ourselves while preserving our beautiful regrowing planet?

As we know: change begins within. We can only be responsible for our own actions. And now that we have an opportunity to create some real change what are we going to do? I don’t think it is any surprise that Travel has been the cause of much of our planet’s demise – since most of the healing began with the abrupt ending of most of our travelling options. Could part of this shutdown be Gaia’s way of healing? Could we correct the ozone layer and end the effects of polluting that is impacting climate change? Is our planet’s health more important than our desire for external pleasure? Is it because our need to have our external needs met is part of the problem?

We know that this journey is to Grow Up and become Love. We know that fear is what blocks us from Living our Best Life. We spend so much of our time exploring our external world that we become distracted from the true goal of Healing our Inner World. Is this Gaia healing her Inner World? Is Gaia asking us to remember to Nourish and Nurture what is truly important to us? We nurture ourselves with water, food and sharing our Love. Could Gaia be reminding us of how we have been feeding her – our planet?

What can we ‘do’ to continue our Inner Growth while maintaining the Earth’s Inner Growth? This time that we are currently in appears to be about nesting, resting, and exploring new opportunities to nurture ‘US’. We aren’t distracted by the world outside of us because our world has suddenly become infinitely smaller. Sure, we still have Netflix, the news and social media… and many other ways to distract ourselves; but we don’t have our energies being constantly interfered with by others’ emotions. Sure we can still tap into the fear that COVID-19 has created – which is substantial – but we don’t have our energies being manipulated by the emotions we have when others pass through our auric fields: due to social distancing. So we have more choices to BE in our inner worlds.

Let’s explore some of our ‘choices’ with our enforced time out:

  • Let’s examine the fears that create the patterns in our lives. With nothing interfering in our outer world we can examine our triggers more easily. It seems more obvious what we fear because our usual interference is limited. We can’t blame everyone for our pain. If we are unhappy – it isn’t because someone is doing something to us – it is because of how we choose to BE in our world. We have fewer interactions with… well everyone. Family restrictions – unless they live in our home – have been limited to phone time or some form of Social Media. Friends have also been limited and work colleagues are minimized to a few possible online meetings. However, our mandatory isolation could result in extraordinary results – and even inflicting different fears than normal. Regardless this is an excellent time to scrutinize what provokes our fears. And accept that they are our fears and that we make choices about whether we can recognize and change our responses to them – or not.
  • Let’s make new choices. We have been given an opportunity to make a change in the choices we make every day. Most of us no longer have the same daily activities we had in the past. And those workers in essential services have changed as well. We aren’t the same world from 40 days ago. So let’s not make the same choices. Let’s observe our reactions and our fears and contemplate how we can respond with Love, Acceptance and Joy. Let’s make choices to connect with our Inner Being and choose the ‘way’ that will Nurture and Nourish us towards a New Happy Acceptance of what is.
  • Let’s establish who we want to BE. With our time being freed up let’s decide how we want to BE in our Inner World. We can opt to BE happy, unconditionally Loving individuals that Accept what is happening instead of amplifying the fear that is being projected at us. We can create our own individuated consciousness to reflect who we are when it isn’t being dictated through the fear of others or ourselves. This is a sanctioned time where we all can explore and expand who we have always wanted to BE.

How do you envision this Brave New Normal? Can we learn to share with our co-inhabitants on this planet – like the fox family on the boardwalk – or do we have to continue to fight for dominance? We have been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the benefits of massive change with every occupant on the planet. Let’s take time to contemplate what changes we can make in the Brave New Normal that will benefit us all. Let’s share together and choose to Love, Accept and Create an improved Brave New Normal in whatever manner that means to us. With Love and an Open Heart…