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2021 Angel Message


After the year we have almost completed – it isn’t a surprise that the word of the Year is Faith. Something we have all seemed to have lost. 2020, the Year of Ascension, depended on what choices we made. If we allowed LOVE to govern us throughout the year, then we evolved our Soul Essence. However, as most of us allowed fear to make our choices, now we require Faith to get us back on track. A New Year won’t Magically shift us – it is through our Conscious Choice to Choose LOVE that will create the shift we are looking for. We require Faith that this shift will happen through our choice of LOVE. This Faith is in the knowledge that Everything is in Divine Order – regardless of what is happening around us. The ‘happenings’ around us are always about how we perceive things to be. Fear creates more fear so having such Faith in Fear will create happenings that build even more Fear in us. Have Faith in the Universe and Source that all is as it is meant to be and that You are being taken care of. This is about Faith in your inner Divine and Faith in your inner Divine is a wonderful message to carry with you – especially into the year ahead.

New Year messages are a point of reference for the year. This past year has been unlike any other year and the challenges we all faced were needed to shift our Inner Essence to step up. I don’t believe we will ever know the challenges that we faced this year ever again. The fact that the Magic of 2020 has been heavily weighted towards the last 10 days of the year – since Solstice where the first Christmas star was seen in over 800 years (the closest the both Jupiter and Saturn have been together). The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is part of the shift we have all been looking for.

Faith is a complete trust and confidence without proof needed

What does Faith mean to You? It isn’t blind trust. It isn’t even that we are feeling that the world is safe. It has more to do with our Inner Sense of BEing. It comes from within, not outside ourselves. We can’t choose Faith from what is happening around us. It can only come from our Inner Strength of Self. It is a Knowing that no matter what: all is well; even death. Yes, even death. Even the loss of people or pets or social situations … Everything is in Order … we have the Faith, the understanding, that Everything is in Order. Does this work for you?

Faith is defined as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something” and “strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof”. I want to combine these to say that Faith is a complete trust and confidence without proof needed. Our lives are in the midst of a great shift – our New Normal has changed this year and instead of letting fear lead us (and yes many are leading through fear – whether it is fear of the virus or fear and anger about conspiracy and control – this is still FEAR!) it is time to Free the Love and allow Divine Compassion into our Hearts (this is a new show by Tracy McBurney) to lead us to Love. And this requires Faith. From inside ourselves – not from someone or someone’s outside of us telling us to have Faith.

So, how do we allow Faith to fill us? We can’t force ourselves to have Faith! We must surrender to it. It is about opening our Hearts and connecting with our Divine Essence to KNOW that everything no matter what is Perfect.

Intentions: The biggest part of the problem is that we don’t know what we want, truly want, that isn’t part of our fears. We have unconscious beliefs that we chose by the age of 7. Yes, these beliefs were based on what we perceived by our underdeveloped brain, emotions, and spiritual connection. Our 7 year old – who is in charge of our limbic brain perceives the world from a 7 year old’s perspective and she/he is operating from a place of fear.

Let’s look at a little science behind what happens from childhood. Let’s look at the Limbic brain: “The limbic system is a network of structures located beneath the cerebral cortex. This system is important because it controls some behaviors that are essential to the life of all mammals (finding food, self-preservation). … In humans, the limbic system is more involved in motivation and emotional behaviors”(as defined by Sure there are parts of us that consciously understand what we want – and what we want ‘motivates’ us to act, if we can, and we build up emotions around these wants – but if our 7 year old still perceives from a place of fear then our dreams – what we want – are coming from a place of fear. Tracy, in our latest show, suggested asking for Divine Compassion to sit with us and help us. Divine Compassion only needs a ‘Yes’ to come down and Accept us for all that is possible. We can free ourselves of these fears and actually make our Intentions – for what we want – from a place of LOVE.

So. What do you want? Can you feel into these wants and are they from a place of Fear or Love? Choose a way to shift your intentions for 2021 to come from a place of LOVE.

Choosing Faith:  This Christmas Eve I had such a test of Faith; I discovered my website was not operating. My mobile app worked but computers, desktops, laptops and tablets did not. When my livelihood was being compromised in this way I felt out of control as I am not a coder and this is what was needed. So instead I had to relax and have faith that all would be fine. This was really hard to do… too much fear. I reached out to several different people and a couple people stepped up to offer assistance. And these people came to me in the most unlikely places and from complete strangers who only knew me from a friend. And these people came to me even when it so close to the holidays. The first problem took all day to resolve. Then the more complicated issue took center stage. Having Faith is really difficult when you are stressed. So what did I do? I had to have a pity party first – then I relaxed … and remembered ‘Faith’. Because of a gift I was granted the day prior (Christmas Eve Eve) I decided to play around myself with the website repair and well … it isn’t pretty the way I got it up and running, or anywhere close to what I had, but it is working. The Gift that gave me confidence to try something myself was that this final part of the year my website was approved to be redesigned by a University as a term project. So my site will be redesigned by the Spring. This is Faith! And the Gift came at such a perfect time. This year we have all been through different states of Stress! We have been tested hard! The only way to Shift our perspective away from the Stress perspective is to have Faith. Yet having Faith requires a leap at times. Listening to the Gentle Guidance within becomes hard when you are in a state of stress. Sometimes it almost feels too much with the year we have all had and the inner voice of guidance becomes a whisper or is drowned out by the noise of our stressful minds. BEcoming quiet through meditation, a walk outside, music, a bath, conscious breathing… whatever is your way to ground and relax … will be your way to Shift away from this Stress toward Kindness of Self and to be able to Listen within. These acts of Kindness to Self will garner what you need in order to be on your way to having Faith. After this year of 2020 we deserve to have Faith that 2021 will be Magical and that Love will abound. Consciously choose Faith and Love. You deserve it! From my Heart to Yours – Happy New Year!