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NFTH talks with Tracy McBurney on Love and Compassion

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with Tracy McBurney on Freeing the Love and Divine Compassion. I’m so excited to have Tracy back with us for some deep discussions and Healing. Tracy updated us with some of the major new Energy Medicine and Psychology that offer true healing of Mind, Body and Spirit. We discussed the simple process of Freeing the Love and how that works on our unconscious as long as we say YES. We also discussed Divine Compassion. Tracy shared that the Heart and Love of the Universe is always available. We just need to connect and Free ourselves, Free the Love. We can transform anything, we are Magic. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

Tracy McBurney B.A., RNCP, EMP

Tracy McBurney is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts, Major in English. She also holds a diploma with Honors in Holistic Nutrition. She balances a busy private practice in Nutrition and Energy Medicine with her teaching. In her practice she incorporates many of the modalities and teachings of her Energy Medicine and Psychology of Disease courses to aid clients in attaining a true healing of mind, body and spirit. She specializes in the release of allergies, intolerances and chemical sensitivities and in helping clients to release the energy blocks connected to shocks, traumas, wounds, injuries or old pain held in the body or the mind, to aid them in making better choices and finding new perspective in their life. Tracy teaches Psychology of Disease, the Advanced Psychology of Disease, Advanced Cleansing and her Energy Medicine course.