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When the Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

The biggest part of my journey has been to understand my own growth and spiritual evolution. Like many of us, I have been hearing about the Law of Attraction (LOA) for almost 20 years, through sources like Abraham Hicks, then the movie The Secret. This has been an empowering and exciting part of this journey. However, we all seem to be going through extraordinary challenges, and I question whether the LOA is always in the forefront of what we are creating.

My current understanding of life has changed. I feel that we need to be more authentic than always being “happy” and thinking only positive thoughts; that our unconscious is already full of emotions that we can’t deal with at this time; that what we really need is to be in the Now moment and focusing on opening our hearts and accepting and loving who we are versus trying to control our dreams through our fears.

What is worse is many people feel like failures when the LOA isn’t working for them. Another way we are betrayed, unworthy and/or abandoned by God. However, I have come to realize that there are some main reasons why the LOA doesn’t work the way we were taught in The Secret.

1. There are more laws then the LOA that are at play in the Universe. Our planet has the Law of Projection, where we see where we need to grow mirrored in others around us. But we see these people, or mirrors, as separate from ourselves and therefore can’t take 100% responsibility for our growth and what is in our lives. How can we attract when we aren’t aware what we are projecting?

2. We are using our will over the Will of God. We are always trying to control our future, through our expectations and attachments to what occurs in our future. We want to be in the driver’s seat, and the LOA is the perfect vehicle to allow us this control. We aren’t aligning with our Soul and inner Divine essence so that we co-create what our soul desires or needs, which we may not be aware of.

3. We have underlying and unhealed unconscious programming that governs our life. Most of our programming came into effect within our first 7 years. And we also agreed to our family’s lineage lessons and our Soul’s lessons from past lives. These unconscious programs come into effect when we try to change our old, stuck patterns.

There is confusion around what being responsible for our lives really means. LOA uses responsibility to mean that we are attracting what we don’t want through our conscious thoughts and our negative thinking. I believe instead that if something is in our lives that affects us, we are responsible for our reactions, responses, acceptance, healing and growth. Everything in our lives is here for a reason. It would be most beneficial if we could establish the reasons and motivations for what we “don’t want” in our lives, and from there make different choices.