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What I learned the past 20 months

As I begin writing this on Remembrance/Veteran’s day – and consider us nearing the end of 2021 – I ponder what the lessons were over the past 20 months where our World changed and we traversed this New Normal. I also wonder what the reasons were for this pandemic that changed the world. Of course, the Bigger Picture will only become clearer over the next few years and it is my belief that 2022 will likely become part of the Great Reveal – and not only that but 2022, I believe, also brings Hope and the possibility of our Dreams Manifesting (but more of that in my New Year’s Message). For now I want to bring awareness to the lessons we all learned during the challenges we endured since March 2020. And as always: to find the positive within the chaos.

What were these lessons? The first thing that came to mind was ‘kindness’.  We also discovered that we NEED people – we are social Beings. We also learned that part of the discipline we needed was around the distribution of Fear and how to find a way to hold compassion and acceptance through the fear that was promoted. Lastly, I think what became clear was that we needed to find a way to stay connected regardless of what has been occurring that is creating separation from Source.

Kindness: The very first lesson was that we became aware that for this to work – the challenges of Lockdown, the lineups on spots for social distancing, the masks etc. – was that we needed to get out of our Ego and think of others over ourselves and the way to move forward was through kindness. Kindness became a new mantra. Be Kind to others and we found ways to maneuver through the tough times. Neighbors, family, friends were all in a state of shock and fear – we didn’t know who needed help while the world changed. The only way the world found a new course to move forward was to forgo our own needs that had become so ingrained within us and discover all of a sudden our needs didn’t matter as much as what we could do for others. Anyone could have contracted this virus, we could have it and give it to those we love, and we discovered how much we cherished our freedom – when it was taken away. But for our family stuck in homes for the elderly, those dying in hospitals alone – we learned that only through shifting our own needs could we embrace and share kindness to others.

Social Beings: The biggest discovery to me was when we were cut off from the communities we lived in. I have created a wonderful oasis that feeds my soul and where I can enjoy my alone time. But what I discovered quite early on – is that we need social stimulus. We are Social Beings and by living in enforced lockdowns – we didn’t thrive through the enforced separation. Here in my community we partook in an activity that was to support our service workers and so we played music or banged on anything handy while stepping out of our doors to show our support. It became the only time most of our neighbors engaged with one another. After 6 months of ‘staying inside’ where my health deteriorated – my new decision to walk became my way to connect with others as well as offer my body a way to heal. I began to thrive as I entered the summer of 2021 and my walking allowed me to become even more social and remember that we require the social stimulation to truly flourish and create more connections with others. As of today (Nov 11) – I have walked 419 straight days and for the past 2 months I have been walking 10 miles per day. Plus I feel more connected to the community where I have lived for 30 years and I have met some amazing new acquaintances (as well as a new love interest) during my walks. It has transformed my life!

Compassion and Acceptance: The biggest problem besides being in Lockdown and isolated was the fear mongering we have all had to endure. It continues to escalate and it is so overwhelming that to have any type of peace at all we need to break away from all forms of media and to stop the insanity that has overtaken everyone that has chosen a side. We have a choice. The only way to confront the fear is to BE compassionate and accept that everyone is just finding their way and doing the best they can with what they have decided. Everyone ultimately wants the same thing – to BE Loved and Happy. However, if I have learned anything it is that we all can fall into fear and make choices that our ego needs to feel justified for its choice. The world has made some very poor choices through the need to feel safe. And who are we to judge our individual choices? One person’s anger will be justified to them. Collectively people have made choices and need to feel like these choices were the ‘right’ choice for them. And who are we to judge whether that was right or wrong for them? Instead – offering Compassion and Acceptance for everyone’s choice – regardless if we believe it right or wrong – is the only way to Let Go of our Ego and release the individual fear we may be projecting. Compassion and Acceptance allows us to see life from a different perspective and allow our Consciousness to Free ourselves from the segregation that is occurring. We are all Divine Light Beings remembering – that no matter what – we are already Perfect and LOVE.

Connect to Source: (check out my latest show with Tracy McBurney on Healing Frequencies) Lastly, the world is segregating its people … and the pain – and hate – that this segregation is creating is hurting all of us and dividing us to the point where we have forgotten our connection to Source. This segregation is disempowering and creating disharmony throughout each of our worlds. If we are already Divine – we’ve just forgotten our connection – so we simply just have to remember our connection. The beauty is that we often allow this connection just to be … and Consciously this connection can also be created effortlessly. Through Breath, through music, dance, walking – through many different practices and tools we use – we can remember! Yes, we can remember to be connected. As this year comes to an end it is time to Let Go of the fear, hate, and segregation so that we can BE ready for all the Beauty that is coming our way in 2022. Our connection to Source is imperative and in our being connected we can exhibit all the LOVE that we so desperately need at this time. When we are connected we realize that Everything is PURE BLISS and Divine. We know that LOVE will defeat the darkness that appears to be overwhelming us all. We KNOW this in our connected state so: Remember to Connect and Let your Light Shine Brightly for all to see.

This is what I have learned over the past 20 months and as I observe what I have learned I feel positive and at peace knowing that our future will BE joyous – and when we come out of this? We will BE in a far better place than we were before this pandemic. Knowing that we can use LOVE to overcome all our fears – is empowering! So as we approach the Holiday Season – let’s find our way to traverse these challenging times. Let’s remember the Beautiful energies of the Holiday Season and let those energies fill us with possibilities and JOY. Let’s find what we learned from this time and apply those lessons. For example: I will continue to BE Kind, Compassionate, Accepting, embracing BEing more social (regardless of the new rules and poor choices we and our communities may be making) and I will take more time to Consciously Connect to Source – both within and outside of me. What lessons will YOU apply? Regardless, and without judging, I wish you all a Joyous Holiday Season to find your own way to embrace LOVE, Wonder and BLISS during this Magical time. With Love and a Open Heart, Laurie