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WATR 01/09/09 Christian Pankhurst

World Awakened Radio Host Kerri Kannan talks with Christian Pankhurst

Dr Christian Pankhurst, D.C is the founder of Embracing Change, an organization that offers seminars, coaching and training on what he calls Heart Intelligence. Clients experience a vast range of benefits, including addiction recovery, breaking free from codependent relationships, gaining clarity of purpose & direction as well as offering skills in conflict resolution & heart centered communication.

Christian was a practicing Chiropractor until 2003 when he left the United Kingdom to pursue a career as an inspirational speaker & facilitator. In order to advance his understanding and skills, he sought out and studied with the world’s most inspired leaders in the fields of new thought, health and personal transformation. His work has transformed the lives of thousands of people in countries all over the world.
Christian currently resides in the United Kingdom and is in the final of ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’. He is one of the favorites to win the $150,000 top prize.