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This is Happening FOR Us

This past week I had a fabulous show with Tracy McBurney about Connecting with Spirit and we used the show as a reminder that whatever we are feeling … this isn’t happening TO us – it is happening FOR us! This past 14 months has been overwhelming and frustrating. Our lives are forever changed and we have been in a “new normal”, restricted ‘normal’ since the first quarter of 2020. However this week I felt the shift of Openness while having a wonderful discussion with Tracy. Why haven’t we all felt this Openness all along? It’s been there, this Openness, so why haven’t we seen it, lived it? What we are forgetting to do is to Connect with the Higher Vibration of Spirit. Our sabotaging beliefs have kept us Reliving these beliefs of restriction over and over and it is time to end this cycle. It is time for us to Allow, Accept and Receive the Openness that is there for us. It is time to create a deeper foundation of Trust as we Connect with Infinite Spirit.

We have been so focused on all the problems that have been happening over the past 14 months. COVID has changed our world and how we live within it. And it is time to shift our perspectives of all the changes – and the News that is sensationalized with fear – to shifting our perspective to one of Love, Expansiveness of Spirit and the Stillness … in recognition that Everything that happens is FOR US! This shift in perspective stills that voice inside that is always searching for answers and reliving the pain of our past and fear of our future. It is time to move forward – not from a place of Fear but from a place of Love towards even MORE LOVE.

How do we do this? The first step is to STOP reading or listening to the media – especially the MSM, main stream media. The next step is to STOP the sabotaging beliefs that keep us stuck. And the third step is to REMEMBER to Allow, Accept and Receive. Come into Stillness by acknowledging the truth that: this is not happening TO you – it is happening FOR YOU! So: Stop, Stop, Remember … and then be Still. And I explain it THIS way:

STOP getting caught up in Media. The sensationalism and fear that is promoted via all forms of media from the News, to Facebook, to Instagram … and many more ‘social media’ platforms … we have all wasted our time and energy on reading and listening to the fear that is promoted via media. We can’t go a day without checking the stats or reviewing what our friends are reporting. We have listened to the scientists, the doctors, the “professionals”, the conspiracy theorists, the doom and gloom forecasts – it is all too much. We are getting caught up in the darkness that has taken over our world. Change doesn’t come from looking outside us and hoping for some good news. Change comes from within. We have to stop the insanity of consuming so much news that seems to promote negativity and connect with the inner quiet guidance that Frees us from this Fear. This Connecting to our Spirit within and listening to the Joyful guidance that reminds us that Everything is happening FOR us.

STOP the sabotaging beliefs. We have deep rooted beliefs from prior to the age of 7 that have been incompatible with who we were then, who we are now, and who we want to BEcome. We continue to relive the fear that we believed as children – prior to the age of 7 – when we were too immature to understand physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually what was really occurring. We took moments that we felt were negative to our young selves, moments happening TO us, and set our brains to the task of trying to distract us from our pain. We never got to update our beliefs as we grew up and became more mature because these beliefs went deep down into our subconscious. We forgot that Everything was happening FOR us.

REMEMBER: Allow, Accept and Receive. This is a wonderful trio of words to assist us in this New time. We can Allow, Accept and Receive all that is happening in our world and here’s how:

ALLOW: Allow the Beauty, the JOY, the Laughter; while allowing the pain, the sadness and the fear. Allow it to BE! Allow it ALL to BE!

ACCEPT: Accept that we are where we are supposed to be. Accept all that we are: the good, the bad and the ugly. It is all happening for US. Accept where we are and if we don’t like it, then we can shift into who we want to BE. But Acceptance is truly the only way to allow change and to receive the Miracles and Magic within us and the world.

RECEIVE: Receive all the Beauty and Magic that is available to us. Everything is Happening for US! And think how easy it should be to receive. When we are given a gift isn’t it so natural to just receive it?

Allow, Accept and Receive – that is the way to Connecting to Spirit.

Stillness is what happens when we understand that Everything is happening FOR us. When we say these words, especially when we are feeling the darkness or depression, anger, judgement or frustration – we will feel the Stillness within. This is ALL for US! The problem of the past 14 months is that we have been so focused on all the problems, the taking away of our freedoms, the taking away of our need for connection with others, the taking of our lives and our health, and we have watched the pain that has been making us all separate – and the separation that has brought us more pain. Some people believe in Science; some are making choices from a place of fear; some are trying to make sense of why as they look for conspiracies; some are shutting down and giving up; some are trusting that our best interests are being taken care of … and some are questioning everything. The problem is that this has separated us and made us feel weak, vulnerable … and all at a time when what we need is to be Empowered! As we focus on our own problems, and with the fear being propagated, we are feeling that Everything is Happening TO us. This creates even more disconnect and separation, especially separation from our Inner BEing, our connection to Spirit.

What if Everything is Happening FOR us? We are always being told that everything has a reason. When we are connected to Spirit we feel that connection. So, instead of worrying about everything that is happening to us, let us shift to KNOWING that Everything is happening FOR us and this statement, “Everything is happening FOR us”, when believed, will Transform all the turmoil within and we will feel the Stillness. And from this Stillness we can connect to Spirit again!

Connecting to Spirit – This is the ultimate Goal. There are many ways to Connect to Spirit. It can be done via conscious breathing, meditation, walks in nature, music, water, fire – including all the elements or any elements that bring us closer to our inner Spark. That gentle guidance – when Connected to Spirit –is always there… except when we are in a state of fear.

These past 14 months we have all been in a state of fear – anger, frustration, loneliness, grief, obsession, judgement, pain – we have all been ensconced, waiting and watching – and there has been some doing but the waiting, watching, and doing have all been from this same state of fear. These are not the answers. Waiting, watching, and doing are not it. We have to REMEMBER our Connection to Spirit is the way to find the Peace, JOY, Love and Magic that surrounds us. The answer is always LOVE and that always comes from within us – ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter what happens because Spirit is INFINITE and it is LOVE! And Spirit CREATES! Everything!

Spirit is everywhere and everything. Consciously connecting to Spirit/Source within allows us to Remember the Magic without. We are Infinite BEings of Spirit and as such: we have no limits. We have just forgotten – or have just repressed – that which we know. We get caught up in the little things – which have felt overwhelming and all-encompassing for the past 14 months – forgetting that the Power we all have is in our hands and in our HEARTS. Maybe this past 14 months has all been a BIG reminder where we have given our power. Maybe this is what all of this has been about – the reason that this has been happening FOR us: it is to help us reconnect to our SPIRIT. And Spirit is NOT outside us (well technically it is because Spirit is EVERYTHING) but when we focus on Remembering our Power – it needs to come from within us. We need to connect within; we need to find that Breathtaking Sigh and Absolute JOY that exists when we make that connection to Spirit/Source/Soul. If ever there was a time to Step Up it is NOW. We must do it through the Ever Gentle Guidance of Spirit; Remembering that EVERYTHING is happening FOR us. And we need to Allow, Accept and Receive all that is occurring around us and BE within the Stillness that Guides us to Remember that LOVE is the only answer. I know that the Light within – and outside ourselves – is about to SHIFT, in a Magical Way, back to Spirit. Be a part of this Magic and Connect to your own Infinite Spirit – because that Spirit is Gifting you the way – it’s for YOU. It’s ALL for YOU! Join me in this NEW adventure. With Love and an Open Heart, Laurie