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The Deliciousness of Magic

Lately everything has been steering me towards exploring Manifestation and Magic. This summer I am choosing to take a step back and focus on my health and well-being and this time has allowed me to explore moving my body towards health. As a result I am delving into all forms of knowledge available to expand my health. My interviews with Tracy McBurney have also touched on what she terms ‘the deliciousness of magic’ and this phrase has allowed me to embrace the concept. Also my explorations led me to Mike Dooley’s work on “Playing the Matrix” with a course on ‘appearance’. Although the phrase ‘the deliciousness of magic’ has awoken a desire in me to explore and even embrace the idea that the Magic is worth the effort involved in this exploration – and embrace.

In Mike Dooley’s transformational book – “Playing the Matrix: A Program for Living Deliberately and Creating Consciously“ – he also explores building and using the excitement of the end goal to assist one to achieve one’s dreams. It isn’t a new concept – it was explored in the movie “The Secret” – but in all honesty this movie only touched on part of the process as well as being quite focused on greed and the manifestations of outer dreams – such as bigger homes and faster cars. It is not a surprise that I don’t think very highly of this movie – even if it did bring a larger population to exploring their Dreams and to the point of Awakening more.

What I did enjoy about Mike Dooley’s book and his laser focused series has inspired the same enthusiasm as Tracy’s excitement about Magic. It can all be Delicious! It is about finding your Bliss and using that excitement to achieve your Dreams. What is important isn’t what we DO, but what we FOCUS on. And we need to shift our focus from what we don’t want and shift our focus from how, when and where our Dreams will occur. We need to shift our focus TOWARDS our motivations and our end goals. And ultimately we need to explore what we actually desire.

What does this look like?

Our focus of what we don’t want: I feel like this is a continuous discussion but as continuous and even repetitive as it may be it is important to understand its role, the role of what we don’t want, in our lives. One of our biggest problems is that we tend to focus on what we don’t want even when we believe our focus is on what we want. Examples of this is when we desire money or a relationship – we are not thinking of the deliciousness of what the money will bring or what the relationship will bring: rather, we are focused on all the bills to be covered or the pattern of dysfunctional relationships to be over. We focus not on what we want but, by default, on why what we want – our money-making or our relationship or whatever – isn’t working. And our fears lead the way. We bring our fears into the equation of what we want because our fears have set the stage – such as what will I do without enough money to cover my bills, what will I do to get out of this bad-but-compelling relationship – when we begin to think of what we want. Let’s shift this around to imagining the deliciousness of what we really long to create – and not so much on what we want to get OUT of. (explored more below in our true desire)

Our focus of how, when and where: When we focus on how, when, where, why – we are limiting the Universe and trying to control how our life unfolds. This creates all the problems. We are trying to control the outcome and we are NOT in control of anything. The most we can hope for is being in charge of our emotional responses to what is happening in our lives. But more importantly: none of this contemplation on how, when and where assists us in achieving our goals! It only muddies the water. The Universe/God/Goddess/Angels our Guides and Guardians are here to support us. Our only focus should be on what we truly want and allow the Universe to provide the outcome we seek. Mike Dooley describes people attempting to control the Universe as living in illusion: the illusion of being dependent on time, space, matter or other people – where we can fall into what he terms The Bermuda Triangle because we want specific people behaving in specific ways; we want to mess with the cursed “hows”; and and we want to insist on unimportant details. Hint: ALL details are unimportant. So the urging here, the lesson here is: Let go of the Hows and the details and allow your focus to be on your true desire and all else will unfold for you in a Magical Way!

The focus of our motivation: Motivation is vitally important when we want to create Magic in our lives. The problem is that we usually have attempted our goals – without trusting the Universe – many times and we get frustrated and discouraged at our failures. That is why we try to control everything so that we can gauge whether it is going our way. Again our need to control everything, every detail, is NOT helpful when it comes to the Deliciousness of Magic. Take for example our diet: we read all manner of diet books and tips and then we push ourselves to control our food intake and we overlook all the other indicators that our body needs to achieve our goal. Hint: it has nothing to do with the Hows – we are likely overlooking many factors by limiting ourselves to achieving our goal through one method. Because it isn’t what we ‘do’ that matters, it is our mindset and the motivation we have that will assist us the most. The question is: can we taste the Deliciousness of Magic once our goal is complete? How will we feel once this is complete? What will our life look like? Can we get excited and know that our goal is complete NOW? Discover your inner motivation and focus on the end goal.

Our focus on our end goal: This has already been said – when we focus on the Hows, the details, and try and control the outcome: we are muddying the waters and making things not only more difficult to achieve but also putting our focus where we are likely to become very unmotivated. Magic is within us and it creates an energy that is pure and effortless. Magic is all around us, but we get caught up in the everyday monotony of the fear, pain and frustration that we see in our lives instead. When we focus on the end goal – it doesn’t mean we don’t do anything. No. We have a role to play in accepting the choices that are presented to us. You see, the answers appear around us in the form of synchronicities. The Universe opens up and showers us with choices and possibilities that we are encouraged to accept. So: what is your DESIRED end goal toward which the Universe will shower you with choices, options, and possibilities?

Our true Desire: This part is the most important. One of the things I remember the most is when we say we want something (like money, relationship, etc.). If we keep asking ourselves why we want this – we usually come to one answer – Happiness. Happiness comes from within us – no money will ever lead to happiness, nothing outside ourselves will achieve this goal. And yet, if we are truly happy, then the Universe moves mountains to allow us to remain there. If our goal is to BE Happy, then all of our dreams will be realized Magically! Or we will realize that the dreams we thought we wanted, that would make us happy, were never the dreams we really wanted. So many people say “if only I had a million dollars, I’d be happy”. And let’s say you magically create a way for you to be a millionaire – that happiness will only last a few days to months. And why is that? It isn’t true happiness because while money may make some things easier the money – or the easiness the money makes some thing – is NOT the source of your Happiness. Freedom to pay your bills may make you happy – but it is the Freedom that offers the Happiness not the money. Understand? If, instead, we focus on Happiness being our motivation for the Magic in our lives: we will attract all the beauty, possibilities and choices to create that Happiness in our lives. Happiness is the ultimate goal that will create the Deliciousness of Magic in our lives.

This whole article brings me more focus and reminds me deeply of the Deliciousness of Magic within our lives. It shifts how I focus and allows me to play more instead of worrying about the hows and all the little details. I imagine the Now being infinitely more exciting and full of synchronicities and choices that will always steer me towards the true goal of Happiness. I don’t have to ‘do’ anything and yet I choose to desire new ways to achieve the goal of Happiness. It’s an exciting journey that I encourage you to join with me. Let’s delight in the Deliciousness of Magic towards a Happier Life.