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Tara Greene 01/06/09 Astrology and Tarot

Psychic since a child, born two months premature, Tara was aware that she had visions, dreams,many otherworldly and OBE experiences that others did not, which shaped her. At 17, she bought her first Tarot deck and read voraciously about mysticism, symbols, mythology and psychology. In her 20’s Tara explored Feminist Goddess art projects, travelled across the Sahara desert, worked on a kibbutz, went to Egypt, Europe; to Central America and in her 30’s began to do ceremony and remember the Goddess.
She is a “green witch” initiated in 1987 by Sususn Weed.

Tara Greene’s life is multidisciplinary and multidimensional. Tara is a professional Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Intuitive Consultant, and Numerologist. She trained in Native American Shamanic healing as an apprentice of Oriah Mountain Dreamer She holds a Diploma in Transformational Psychotherapy; { where we met}
Tara is an energy healer and health intuitive. Tara has facilitated many Women’s spirituality workshops,creates ceremonies and rituals and has led Dream Work groups since 1989. Tara’s esoteric knowledge is eclectic,she has participated in workshops with Richard Bandler, Stuart Wilde, herbalist Susan Weed, Starhawk, Barbara Hand Clow, Marion Woodman and many others.

Tara has lived in Sedona, Arizona, Amsterdam and Israel. She is the mother of two children, a son Elijah, 25 and a daughter, Leah Jaya 11; both were born at home with many midwives attending. Tara lives in the Beach area in Toronto with her husband, artist Napoleon Brousseau, their daughter, Gala the cat, 2 canaries, a hamster and a pet Rat.

“I feel honored to be able to be of service. My intention is to bring awareness, enlightenment, creativity, healing, wholeness, joy and love, using the Divine as my Source.”