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Happy Love Month

News for the Heart talks with Tom Campbell on Positively LOVE

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Positively LOVE. We discussed that Feb is LOVE month at Intuitive Soul. We shared a lot of tips to remain Positive and Loving in relationships. Relationships are where we grow the most and we can do it positively or by focusing on […]

Love Matters

This year I decided it would be cathartic if I wrote my blog on my birthday – I’m not sure why that felt important… but I knew that writing for me is empowering and, as we head into Love Month, February, the month that holds Valentine’s Day, this would be profound for me. This would […]

Contemplating Love

As I contemplate my birthday today (written on birthday) I wonder about Love Month this year. Each year since I began this blog I have chosen February as Love Month and write something that I hope will inspire you to Love Unconditionally … or choose Love over fear. This has been quite the last couple […]