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Soul Purpose

Are you in your head too much, over thinking and worrying all the time? In times like these, we need to find a Heart’s Way.
Clear the blocks to being in our Hearts, where we can listen to our intuition and express our Soul’s Purpose. This will assist us to gain clarity, step into our power and lead from this space. When we know our reason for Being, things start to line up and life starts to become easier.

3 tips to accessing your Soul’s Purpose.
1) Self Love through Authenticity: As a child, if you can look deep enough in your heart, what we all seek is to be loved and accepted for who we are. Unfortunately, many of us were convinced that who we were, was not good enough. As a result, from our childhood forward, we have not been authentic. We try to be someone we think everyone else will love. Authenticity is the freedom to remember who we are, by loving ourselves and accepting ourselves as we are. When you can uncover this love within you, you won’t be bound by what others think and feel, and you can express who you have always been.

2) Clearing blocks to the Heart: Many of us have mastered our minds and spent inordinate skill and time to build this capacity. However, our mind and ego live from our past experiences, our emotional attachments and our reactions. We believe that our hearts require protection from experiences that have hurt us in the past. Yet, it is our hearts that have the power to free us from this pain and struggle. Our hearts hold the space of our Soul’s Purpose. When you can uncover all the beliefs, fears, thoughts, expectations, anxieties, etc., that protect your heart, you will create space for your heart’s and soul’s full expression.

3) A Heart’s Way ~ Listening to our intuition: When we focus on our heart, we find the still space, the quiet connection where we can hear our gentle guidance from our hearts. Our hearts will guide us through the stillness where our souls express who we are. Intuition is a skill that is built through practice and through finding that stillness where we can truly listen. Our hearts hold the Divine Spark of our Souls. Finding that stillness within your heart brings you the Purpose you are here to manifest. Expressing your Soul’s Purpose will align you with infinite possibilities to manifest your dreams.