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Sharon Jeffers 09/04/09 Author of Love and Destiny

Sharon Jeffers is known for her amazing accuracy with this system of timekeeping, and for her clear delineations of birthdays as associated with the playing deck. As an internationally known life consultant, award-winning author, and third-generation clairvoyant, Sharon has worked with thousands of people from around the world and from all walks of life.

A natural-born mystic, Sharon Jeffers has since childhood seen the future, heard the thoughts of others, and perceived things not always perceived by others. She began her studies in numerology and astrology at age thirteen and began doing readings spontaneously with the regular deck of playing cards at age twenty-one. She has been a student of this Mystic Science of the Cards since 1990.

Sharon has more than twenty-five years of experience in transformational healing work, applied kinesiology, and Black Hat Feng Shui. She has created and facilitated training methods for both enhanced performance and behavioral modification for police, prison inmates, at-risk and special-needs kids, educators, parents, athletes, health professionals, and corporate management teams. She founded the Center for Integrated Learning and Excelerated Learning Strategies.
As the author of several books including her latest work Love and Destiny, she is frequently heard on the radio stations nationwide. Her client list includes police departments, educational institutions, people from around the world, and celebrities. She lives in both Kauai and Los Angeles and does much of her consulting on the phone. See her website at


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