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Self Love

Self Love:

Love is the expression of our soul! In this society, where we have become narcissistic and selfish, we have to shift this energy towards self love. The question we should ask ourselves before we do anything is are we responding out of love or reacting from fear?

Most often we are reacting from a place of fear. It may be a fear of grief or abandonment; a fear of losing or not gaining approval; a fear of being unsafe or not surviving or the fear that we are a victim. Through all of this, we try to control or manipulate situations. Whether we are the victim or victor, we are separate from God/source because we come to this place through fear. What we don’t realize about our reactions is that even though we may appear to be responding for a positive reason such as to be nice, and to show we are the better person, etc., we are often masking our authentic self to do what we feel we are “supposed” to do.

If, instead, we could come from a place of non-resistance, allowance and a conscious heart, we could be more authentic and accepting of who we are, which is Love. We would find a hearts way and be open to both giving and receiving love. This opens us up to the universal flow which will allow us to express and experience love with others and ourselves.