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Saskia Roell 29/10/09 Author of A Suitcase Full of Faith

Saskia Roell is a transformational life coach, mother and author of the new bestseller,

A Suitcase Full of Faith:

How One Woman Found Her Dream Trusting the Compass of Her Soul

This real-life story of courage will inspire you to take chances, live fearlessly and believe that miracles do happen.

In 2001, Saskia, her husband and their five young children took a giant leap of faith by giving up their home and thriving businesses in Holland to explore new possibilities in the United States. With little money, no job prospects, no contacts and five kids who didn’t speak a word of English, they landed in a small seacoast town and settled in the dream home they bought over the phone! It was a challenge of a lifetime, but Saskia had faith in her inner voice and knew they were about to begin the extraordinary life of their dreams.

A Suitcase Full of Faith is getting rave reviews as a spellbinding adventure of learning how to trust, live without feat and follow your heart to an abundant life.

suit case full of faith

suit case full of faith